Getting to Know You (Part 2): A Mississippi Women Bloggers’ Link-Up

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Mississippi Women Bloggers
1.  What is your favorite thing to do in your hometown?
I consider Clinton my hometown now, even though I was born and lived my childhood in Monticello. My favorite thing to do in Clinton is anything on the Olde Towne brick streets! I love the Olde Towne Courtyard on the brick streets. I love attending any event they host on the brick streets like our movie nights and farmer’s market. I just love being there! 
2. What is the best vacation spot in Mississippi?
Hmm, my favorite place to vacation is visiting friends. But the coast does have a fun, relaxed atmosphere for vacation. 
3. Tell us about the most fun date night idea in Mississippi.
Currently, my ideal date idea would be to take a picnic to the Olde Towne Courtyard in Clinton at night under the string lights on a cool autumn night. 
4.  What is one fun fact that very few people know about you?
Hard one… I’m such an open share-y person, everyone always knows everything about me! I guess not everyone knows that I was in dance for 4 years growing up. I hate dancing and am NOT good at it. But I was in dance class for 4 years. 
5.  Who is your favorite sports team (if you have one) and how did it start?
Nope. Don’t do sports. I mean it’s in my blood to support the New Orleans Saints, and I’m happy when I hear (or read from social media) that they won, but you won’t catch me watching a game. If cooking can be a sport my favorite team is Team Food Network. 
6.  What are your top three “Best Eats” in Mississippi?
I’ll say in my part of Mississippi, because there is so much in our great state! My my local top three are 303 Jefferson (Clinton), Blue Rooster (Clinton), and any of the many Mexican restaurants in the Clinton/Jackson area. 
7.  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Well, I truly believe God is in control of my life and next steps, so though I can dream about it, I have no idea! But my dream would be to have my bakery up, running, and thriving in Clinton and be married! I’m not dating anyone haha, but a lot can happen in 5 years right?? 
8.  If you could choose an actress to play you in real life, who would you choose and why?
Drew Barrymore! I’ve always love the characters she plays and feel like I can relate to them. I think she’s the perfect amount of awkward, class, girlishness and quirkiness to represent me. 
9.  What is a southern tradition you and your family have?(Note: Get your guest posts on “Traditions” ready for December!)
Does food count? I feel like all of our traditions are based around food! We don’t do them as much anymore, be we used to have family fish frys a lot growing up! My other side of the family loves a crawfish boil, as do I! We do holidays right with all the southern classics. 
10.  List 5 things on your Bucket List you hope to do before you die.
Well, I think my first two are cheating, but they are the two things I want to do more than anything before I die! 1. GET MARRIED! 2. Have kids. 3. Write a book. 4. Go to London. 5. Got to Harry Potter world in Orlando. 

2 thoughts on “Getting to Know You (Part 2): A Mississippi Women Bloggers’ Link-Up

  1. Nickolee Roberts says:

    loved reading your posts Kasia!! What I wouldn't give for a cool autumn night in Old Towne! It's on my “to do” list next year when we are stateside!


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