Meal Planning 101: Week 36

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Can you even believe that I’m posting my menu before midnight?! I’m trying hard to schedule in an hour or two here and there a couple of days a week to get posts together for you. Also, my file of pictures I take for potential posts is getting out of control! I need to get this stuff out to you guys. The good news is there is nothing else in my apartment that I can possible clean or organize. I went a little crazy and cleaned and organized every little thing possible! I’ve also kept it up. Hanging clothes I tried on in the mornings and didn’t wear, putting away shoes, putting my jewelry back in the jewelry box, making up my bed, EVEN washing clothes once a week (and putting them away!). I impressed myself this past week guys.

Last week’s meals were some great ones! By far my favorite had to be the naan flat bread grilled eggplant pizzas pictured above that I threw together. Oh man, I’m working on a post with the recipe. You have to make these. And I mean, just look how beautiful! The colors, the flavors, I was in heaven. This week’s meal plan is making me happy too!


poppy seed chicken casserole, roasted green beans, rice and garlic toast 


chili cheese dogs and cucumber tomato salad (It’s $1 hot dog day at Sonic!)


church potluck (my contribution will be loaded mashed potatoes)


buffalo chicken lettuce wraps and baked onion rings


Japanese potluck (my contribution will be edamame hummus and baked wonton chips)




bacon cheddar green onion waffles (that will be used as leftovers to make chicken and waffle sandwiches next week), breakfast ham and sunny side up eggs


I cooked a bag of chicken in the crock pot to shred and use for two different meals. 
More overnight oats for breakfast this week! Flavors: banana and almond butter, peach melb, and orange banana dream.
Snacking on sliced cucumbers, fresh tomatoes, sliced bell peppers, Oikos Greek Yogurt Red Pepper Dip, and fresh fruit. 

Lunch Ideas:


top left: turkey roasted red pepper sandwich + avocado grilled corn salad + strawberries
top right: pizza rolls (cleaning out the freezer, don’t judge!) + cucumber, bell peppers and blue cheese + strawberries
bottom left: tomato sandwich + avocado grilled corn salad + grilled potatoes and peppers
bottom right: leftovers (grilled talapia + avocado grilled corn salad + grilled potatoes and peppers)

What are you eating this week? Post your weekly meal plan in the comment section below! You can also link your meal plan up over at Organizing Junkie and see even more people who are meal planning. 

One thought on “Meal Planning 101: Week 36

  1. Rona Berry-Morin says:

    Just stopping by for a blog visit via Menu Plan Monday.

    With all of the humidity this weekend, I'm not really in the mood to cook. I think I'm going to make pancakes for dinner.

    Your menu plan looks delicious.The lunches look so good.


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