The Bake Sale!

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Since starting this food blogging adventure, it turns out that people like my cooking and baking. Sometimes people even pay me to bake things for other people, parties, or events! As you know, I love baking, so it’s never a hassle. By word of mouth I’ve started getting orders for baking. I decided I’d come up with a price list and selection of things I can make. These are a few of the things I make often, but I can make more. If you need something, ask! If I can’t do it, I’ll be honest about it. Send me a FB message or email me ( if you’d like t place an order or have any questions!

The Mississippi cookie! This is my most requested cookie. I can do almost any color. I do solids, dots, and hearts. I’m more than willing to try other requested doodles. Solid cookies are $12 a dozen. Designs are $15 a dozen.

I have an ongoing collection of cookie cutters, but so far this is what I have for the large iced sugar cookies, like the Mississippi cookie. Shapes: alphabet A-Z, numbers, bear, circle, square, Mississippi, heart, star, teapot, cupcake, teacup, mustache, fleur de li, engagement ring, baby bottle, foot (baby shower cookies or flip flops), bikini (or bra and panties for lingerie shower cookies), bird, owl, bunny, elephant, Mickey mouse, mouse, pumpkins, Thanksgiving shapes, woodland creatures, squirrels, deer, princess crown, football, football helmet, football jersey, pennant flag, tshirt, arrowhead, wedding cake, baby onsie, formal/princess/wedding dress, fashion dress, high heel shoe, conversation bubble, daisy, and flower.

I can also do Mississippi College tribe cookies! Or sorority cookies for that matter. I can do any color. Tribe/sorority letters are $1 each / $12 a dozen. Tribe/sorority mascots are 75¢ each / $9 a dozen. 

As mentioned, I have the entire alphabet. I can do any colors to suit your tailgating needs. $1 each / $12 a dozen. I also have a football cookie cutter set. 

Large iced Christmas cookies (top shapes) $1 each / $12 a dozen. Mini iced holiday cookies (bottom shapes, Christmas and Thanksgiving shapes) 50¢ each, $6 a dozen. Looking for big leaves and fall shapes I like!
These were an even bigger hit at my first catering event than the sugar cookies! 

In addition to cookies, I can also do cupcakes. I can do other requested flavors. I usually decorate with pearl sprinkles or sparkle sprinkles. I can do cupcakes in almost any flavor you can imagine or help you come up with flavors to suit your needs. I can also do three layer cakes in any of the flavors listed (and more) for $25-$30.

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