Meal Planning 101: Week 27

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I would like to apologize for the lack o posting last week! All I gave you was a meal plan. I do promise this week will be better! Why? Because I refuse to use any of my spare time to bake therefore freeing up more time to blog. Why the refusal? Oh you know, just went through 23 sticks of butter, 2 bags of flour, 2 dozen eggs, 2 bottles of vanilla, 5 bags of powdered sugar and other assorted ingredients last week. 

 THIRTEEN HOURS OF LABOR! I was wise to plan no meals for the two days after the first catering order was filled. I didn’t even want to go in the kitchen, much less cook in it. But it turned out great!

I made roughly 120 iced sugar cookies, 130 salted chocolate chip cookies, 85 red velvet cupcakes and 100 vanilla bean cupcakes. I’m pretty sure I’ve never felt so accomplished! And never fear, I was back in the kitchen today humming happily as I cooked my dinner. I can’t stay out of the kitchen for that long! And thus I bring you this week’s meal plan. This week’s plan is weak as well due to another holiday and going out of town! Spring holidays are almost as stacked as fall/winter ones.

I scored another rotisserie chicken on sale! I will never get tired of Manager’s Special labels.


Leftover Crock Pot Pork Chops, Rice and Gravy, Stewed Cabbage, and Balsamic Mushrooms


Cheesy Chicken Penne and Sauteed Kale (Using the rotisserie chicken!)


Leftover Chicken Penne


Leftovers (While packing for going out of town and baking cookies for the road trip. I know I said no baking, but I do have an excess of leftover homemade chocolate chip cookie dough! And the car ride to South Carolina is lengthy. I wouldn’t be a good car rider if I didn’t bring baked goods!)


Visiting South Carolina


Visiting South Carolina


Visiting South Carolina (and Easter!)

Lunch Ideas:

healthy tuna salad sandwich + cuties + leftover kale pasta salad

leftover kale pasta salad + leftover kale bagel pizzas 

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