Meal Planning 101: Week 26

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Happy day after St. Patrick’s Day! Did you do anything fun? I’m not a huge fan of parades, but my version of celebrating holidays is usually cooking a themed meal and painting my nails festively.

Nails. Check! Ignore my horrible cuticles! I promise to get a professional manicure this weekend just for the sake of saving my cuticles. I tend to believe that every holiday can be celebrated with glitter. 
St. Patty’s Day meal plan. Check! A friend challenged me to use my doughnut pan for something savory. I came up with these cute little mini bagel biscuit pizzas! I used canned biscuits, shaped them into bagels shapes in the doughnut ban, and piled them high with green ingredients! 

The pizzas had a pesto/alfredo pizza sauce, sauteed mushrooms, slivered red onions, chicken, and kale. I also made a green pasta salad with bowties, green peas, kale, pesto, red onion, and a little chicken. AND, last but not least, GREEN DOUGHNUTS!

Key Lime Baked Doughnuts with a lime glaze and lime zest sprinkles. So good! I’ll post the recipe soon.

And now, this week’s meal plan!

Manager’s special label treasure hunt success! I needed chicken for two dishes on my meal plan. I planned to buy raw chicken, but then found this cold rotisserie chicken on sale! A. Cheaper than buying a bag of frozen chicken. B. ALREADY COOKED! Hello easy week of meals. I also went to the grocery store with the intention to get spinach and use spinach as my St. Patty’s Day green meal star, but kale was 99 cents! Two dollars less than the spinach. Point? MEAL PLAN! Make a list. But look for special surprises like this to cut your budget!

Also, my meal plan is weak this week because I have exciting news. I HAVE MY FIRST CATERING ORDER! By Friday at 5:00 I will have made 180 cookies and 120 mini cupcakes. And so… Thursday night and Friday night there is no way I can cook! Saturday night, I won’t feel like cooking! But all for a good reason.


Leftover St. Patty’s Day Meal


Buffalo Chicken Salad Sliders, Buffalo Chicken Rice, Celery and Carrots with Blue Cheese


Leftover Buffalo Sliders


Cereal (Or food to go from one of the on campus places.)


Take Out – While resting my feet that will surely be hurting from all the standing! Note to self – don’t bake barefoot this time! Wear tennis shoes.


Something microwavable or easy!


Crock Pot Pork Chops, Brown Rice and Cabbage


-Tuna Salad for lunches
-Smoothies for breakfast (still loving theses!)

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