Meal Planning 101: Week 28

Facts are facts and the fact is I’m slack! I said I’d post more last week and I didn’t! Heck, I barely made this post on Monday (But it’s still Monday! Before midnight counts right? Especially if I was in a car for 10 hours!)! I was pressed for time with going to South Carolina and FINALLY organizing my closet (pictures coming soon!). I promise to at least post two more times this week than last. For real! I just can’t even believe March is gone! It’s April. How the heck did that happen!? Here’s to hoping April is calmer than March (It has to be, Spring Break and Easter were in one month!). Since April is going to be slower, I really am gonna post more!

So that being said, I’m posting my meal plan and I need us to agree that you won’t judge me. It’s going to be hard, but allow me to explain. Easter was GREAT! Went to South Carolina with a best friend to have Easter with her family. It was seriously perfect and amazing. However, holidays are still sad with my dad being gone. I processed, I grieved, and I’m okay, BUT sometimes your soul craves comfort food! I just really do believe memorable food can provide comfort for the soul the same way a hug can sometimes. Not like over eating emotional eating kind of reliance on food, but just soul comforting food! So all that to say, I can cook so many things and am mostly not afraid of a food challenge, but good-old-super-easy-anyone-can-make-it Hamburger Helper is one of my comfort foods. Yes, I could make it homemade! But Hamburger Helper brings me back to childhood when my dad ate the leftovers off our plates (and often grossly picked at the browning hamburger meat before it was brown enough). And so, I’m making it this week and we’re just going to all nod, smile, and not judge because we don’t do that judge thing. Sometimes you just have to eat cereal and “cook” Hamburger Helper.

To the meal plan! See what happens when I go weeks without posting anything other than a meal plan? I get too chatty. On track. Kale. I’m obsessed with it right now. You know I don’t repeat things often, but kale has appeared in my last three meal plans. I was doing so well and not going to use kale this time, but then I saw the baby kale! How can anyone see adorable baby kale for the same price as the lettuce they were going to get and not change their mind?! I couldn’t. I didn’t.


Cereal (Home from 10 hour car ride!)


Leftover Cheesy Chicken Pasta and Sautéed Garlic-y Kale


Hamburger Helper Stroganoff (Added mushrooms and Greek yogurt – I gotta doctor it up a little!), Butter Beans and Garlic Toast


Leftover Hamburger Helper


Yummy Snacks from the International Festival


WingStop (For best friend’s birthday.)


Greek Fish Tacos (tortillas + honey lime baked tilapia + baby kale for lettuce + hummus + julienned cucumbers + tomatoes), Chick Pea Tomato Salad and Lime Rice Pilaf

Lunch Ideas: 

I made buffalo chicken salad from a rotisserie chicken, loved it, ate it all week for lunch & made road trip sandwiches. 

buffalo chicken salad sliders + baked lays (not pictured)

buffalo chicken sliders + carrots & celery with yogurt bleu cheese dressing 

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