The Bloglovin Switch

Hello friends! I’m sure you all read about the closing of Google Reader. SUCH a sad day for me! I was obsessed and lead many people to also use it. I’m trying out Feedly and Bloglovin right now to see which I like better. So far I’m leaning towards Bloglovin because I love that they let the view from Bloglovin count as a view on each site! Google Reader didn’t do that and I’m not sure if Feedly does. They both also have nice, easy phone apps! Google Reader never had a perfect one, for iPhone at least.

So all that to say, I’m trying out Bloglovin! Follow my blog with Bloglovin if you have it. If you’re in the Google Reader crisis too and want to try out Bloglovin, do! Fellow blogger over at My Pretty Pennies posted a how to on merging your Google Reader blog follows over to Bloglovin. It’s super easy!

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