Five Things Friday: Feeling Pretty Things

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What girl doesn’t like to feel pretty? I know I’m slightly a diva and probably way more on the girly girl side of the spectrum that some women, but I think deep down inside, in some way we all enjoy feeling pretty! Not for the men in our lives (husbands, boyfriends, fiances, or the single men we’re subtly trying and failing to get to notice us). Not for the women we compare ourselves to and shouldn’t. But for just for us! Feeling pretty feels good, fun, and confident.

Even baby girls know this! I’m visiting my best friend who has a beautiful one year old. Yesterday she was decked out in the cutest pig tails ever, a Cinderella princess shirt, a fluffy hot pink tutu, and sparkly shoes. She’s always social, but was even more social yesterday! She’s often happy, but was even happier yesterday! She walked around with princess-like confidence. Grown up girls can feel like princesses too! The things that make baby Alice feel pretty, the things that make me feel pretty, and the things that make you feel pretty might not be the same. That’s okay! Know what makes you feel pretty and rock it!

Things That Make Me Feel Pretty: 

1. Wearing Lace – I’m currently OBSESSED! Truth is, I’ve always loved lace! It just hasn’t been as accessible, available, and popular until now. I haven’t bought a clothing item in months that didn’t involve lace in some way. Lace makes me feel pretty! It makes me feel feminine. It makes me feel smiley. It makes me feel confident! Lace is EVERYWHERE! Plus size, skinny size, expensive, cheap, it’s everywhere. I prefer my lace cheap. All four of the dresses below were purchased at Ross for $55! FIFTY FIVE DOLLARS! FOUR DRESS!

If you know me, you already know I love dresses. Dresses + lace?! And for $10-$17 each?! Yes please. This is about us feeling pretty, not other making us feel pretty, BUT other people like lace too! Every time I wear lace a stranger tells me I look nice. Feeling pretty is just for me, but I never hate outfit confirmation! Oh and the black lace pencil skirt below? I got it for $4 yesterday at Bealls Outlet. FOUR DOLLARS! 70% off. Major score. 

2. Pampering My Lips – On my drive to Georgia, I was fumbling in my purse with my eyes focused on the road to find the particular lip balm I wanted. I pulled all of these out one pocket of my purse and then lastly pulled out the desired one – Maybelline Baby Lips Tinted Lip Balm in Peach Kiss. I’ve never been a lipstick person. I used to love tinted gloss (and still do – like Bath and Body Works Metha Lip Tints), but it didn’t have the same lip moisturizing effects and staying power as balm. Then I discovered tinted balm! Burt’s Bees Tinted Balm is another everyday favorite, but loving the smooth nude Peach Kiss Baby Lips! I’m also obsessed with Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains! Those are my fancy dress up lip day ones. They have the smoothness of a balm but the color lasts for hours! I also picked up one of the Covergirl Tinted Balm Glosses. Smooth like balm, shiny like gloss, and with color. Having soft, healthy, non-chapped, tinted lips makes me feel pretty!

3. Dressing Like a Ballerina – Ballet flats + high waisted, preferably fluffy, skirt + sock bun (or any kind of bun) + tucked in girly shirt + hair accessories = BALLERINA! I have many versions of ballerina outfits. The one below is just my most recent ensemble that’s gotten me more compliments than any other outfit (again, not about that, but proof that feeling pretty for YOU shows for others!). I can’t imagine very many things girlier than a ballerina. I’m as clumsy as a big headed baby with shoes that are too big at bed time. I’m NOT a ballerina in any way, shape, or form, but I sure do love to dress in ballerina inspired ensembles. Try it!

4. Treating Myself to a Pedicure – I used to do this often, once a month or every other month, after I had a severe ingrown toenail that lead to surgery! I was scared that my self pedicures were causing my ingrowns since I never got them when I had professional pedicures. I’ve learned to be less choppy with my toes and have gotten great at giving myself pedicures. Self pedicures work! They do make me feel pretty and it’s what I do the majority of the time. But every once in a while, it’s just so over-the-top and fabulous to get a professional pedicure. I can’t stop staring at my toes for days. I only get about four a year now. Soak your feet and give yourself one OR splurge and get a professional one. I promise it will make you feel pretty.

5. Painting My Nails – If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or see me semi-regularly in real life, you know I have an obsession with painting my nails. It hasn’t always been so! This obsession started last summer after a best friend’s wedding. My nails were painted by a fellow bridesmaid for the wedding and it made me feel so pretty! I started collecting polish and have gone less than 5 days total without polish on my nails since August. There are lots of expensive polishes out there that can make the task and hobby seem daunting. Don’t let that happen! My favorite polish? Wet-n-Wild Megalast! They have mega staying power and the best, easiest brushes ever! Cost? $2! Walgreen’s and Walmart have them, but I discovered this week that Dollar General has them in three times as many colors as Walgreen’s or Walmart! Go! Stock up! Don’t avoid the glitter! Painted nails will make you feel pretty.

If you do brave the glitter… WARNING! It’s mega hard to get off. Any brand, all glitter, it’s hard to get off. BUT, I saw this handy tip on Pinterest and it works! Put a normal amount of polish remover on a cotton ball. Place the damp cotton ball on each of your fingers then wrap the tips in tin foil. Let sit for 3 minutes, remove, and the glitter is no more! 

What makes you feel pretty?

One thought on “Five Things Friday: Feeling Pretty Things

  1. Pamela H says:

    Hi Kaisia,

    I had a devil of a time with the image verification on the blog to get to leave a comment, I wanted to thank you for the photo of the Wet n' Wild Megalast polish display! WOW! It looks like they've got some killer colors and glitters now! Very excited to see, I hope my dollar general's have them by now. Thanks again!


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