Meal Planning 101: Week 25

The title of this post is slightly misleading. I don’t have a meal plan for you this week. However, I am going to give you resources for meal planning! And I do have a good excuse (for not having a meal plan AND for missing posting it on Monday). I’m not a student, in fact, I get grumpy when people think I am sometimes, but I do work at a university. My boss let us have off for Spring Break with the students! So I drove to Georgia to visit my BFF, who happens to be one of my biggest fans and most loyal blog readers, and her beautiful baby Alice. Alice can now say my name! Or a version of it at least, KK. So I’m dining with them this week and get a week off of cooking and meal planning in exchange for baby hugs and helping my BFF settle into her new house.

So resources! You know how obsessed I am with meal planning. I could, and have, gone on and on about the benefits of it! It’s healthier and way more budget friendly! If me constantly advocating for it isn’t enough, allow me to share with you the many other blogs I’ve found that post weekly meal plan! I use these fellow meal planners for inspiration in creating my meal plans often. It’s easy! Copy us!

Blogs that post weekly meal plans: 

There is even a Meal Plan Monday Facebook! I liked this the instant I found it. She posts tons of great tips, ideas, and resources.

Lunch Ideas:

Next week won’t have lunch ideas since I’m not working this week and therefore not taking my lunch, but I did last week! Sad news… I microwaved one of my lunch containers a little too much! It got a hole. I WILL be buying more of these Ziplock containers though. In case you can’t tell, I’m obsessed!

top left: asian chopped salad + leftover baked breaded chicken tenders + peanut dressing + celery + homemade peanut butter 
top right: leftover beef stew + crackers + a cutie
bottom left: fancy sandwiches + yellow cherry tomatoes + leftover corn grits + coconut crack bar 
bottom right: caesar salad + yogurt caesar dressing + leftover broccoli cheese twice baked potatoes 

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