Meal Planning 101: Week 22

Can I tell you about my new cup?? I talked my brother into buying it for me for Valentines Day. It’s a plastic insulated mason jar tumbler! Can I tell you how much more water I drank this weekend with my new cup in hand?! I’m seriously in love/obsessed with it. I’ve also gotten so many comments on it. Talk about a great accessory! It was only $10 from Target. I highly suggest you get one! Or some other drinking device to make you want to drink more water. Totally a worthy investment. 
Okay, so today starts week 5 of boot camp. So far, I haven’t lost any weight! Yes, I’m stronger. Yes, I’m healthier. Yes, I have more endurance. Yes, I have muscles I didn’t know I could have. Yes, I have more energy. I’m not saying I’m not happy about any of those things, I AM! I also know in the long run, it’s healthier, the whole muscle burns more fat thing. But I’m determined to be totally focused this week! Sometimes total focus is accomplished best with dry erase boards. 

I have this dry erase board on the back of my kitchen door. It’s also pretty close to my refrigerator. It’s basic, but there is something about writing out your plan where you see it that reminds you not to get a pastry at Starbucks and to eat the real, healthy options you have for breakfast!  


Weight Watchers Crock Pot Cheeseburger Soup and Cornbread


Skillet Sunny Side Breakfast and Fruit



Ultimate Chicken Tenders, Skillet Rosemary Roasted Potatoes and Steamed Broccoli and Cheese




Grocery Day (Which usually means I eat a most unhealthy hot dog from Sam’s Club.)

Lazy Chiles Rellenos, Tortillas and Guacamole Salad

Lunch Ideas:

Let’s be honest. Despite our best intentions to bring lunch and eat healthy, some weeks are just busy! Last week I had to interview 17 people and had short lunch breaks. Therefore I ate on campus 2 of my 4 days last week. The good news is, I got these cute little Ziplock lunch containers! So perfect for bringing lunch to work. I did get to use them twice last week and going 4 for 4 this week!

leftovers: crock pot hawaiian chicken and rice + sugar pear + roasted brussel sprouts

leftovers: heart meatloaf + stolen ketchup packet from community fridge + homemade shells and cheese + roasted asparagus

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