Meal Plan 101: Week 20 & 21

I have a confession… I’m a slacker! Okay that’s not totally true, but I feel like one based on the lack of meals I cooked last week AND the lack of blog posts I brought to you. I didn’t even manage to get out a Meal Plan Monday post! I actually didn’t eat horribly last week, BUT I didn’t make most of what I ate. I have to give myself a little credit since it was a ridiculously busy week full of RA interviews and night time obligations, but my blogging and meal making did fall through the cracks. In the name of being honest and transparent, I’m still posting last week’s meals, every eating out night confessed. Boot camp continued on though! I missed once because I was passing a kidney stone, you know, no big deal.

Speaking of boot camp, a quick update. I’ll never say it’s easy, ever. It’s just not. BUT I do feel better now when I do it, or rather after I do it. One problem has remained consistent… SHIN SPLINTS! Oh how I loathe them! My trainer watched my feet and how I walk and run and discovered the reason for the pain and stress on my shins was definitely my shoes. Pretty pink tennis shoes on sale = not the most supportive shoe. I decided to bite the bullet, sacrifice fashion, and go have my feet analyzed at a specialty store. I now have what I like to call my grandpa shoes. Big, bulky, grey and orange boy shoes! Today will be my first day to wear them. I have high hopes! At least I’ll always have cute nails to make up for the unfashionable boy shoes.

I decided in honor of the February, the month that hosts one of my favorite holidays, I’d only paint my nails shades of pink or red until Valentines Day. It’s been a fun project! I seriously love Valentines Day! I think it’s silly when single people go on anti Valentines Day strikes or wear black for “Singles Awareness Day.” I personally don’t like to think of it as a day that’s only for dates and couples. It’s a holiday that uses pink, red, and hearts to celebrate! How can you not love that?! I will celebrate pink any day for any reason. I also don’t think that love is just for couples! Do you love your friends and family. They deserve to feel loved on a holiday dedicated to love as well!

My meals this week reflect Valentines Day! I love themes and I love when themes can inspired food. I even ordered pink coffee at Starbucks on Saturday to assist me in my meal planning creativity! 

Last Monday:

Leftover Pasta (So the PLAN was leftover avocado alfredo pasta, but I ended up hating it. So… I ate on campus with an RA. Pimento’s French Dip.)

Last Tuesday:

UnSloppy Spicy Turkey Sloppy Joes (The concept was from Six Sisters, but I used reduced fat biscuits and Pioneer Woman’s sloppy joe recipe but replaced the ground beef with ground turkey.), Garlic Mashed Potatoes, and Honey Glazed Carrots

Last Wednesday:

Out (One on one with an RA. She wanted to do dinner. Pimento’s Ciabata Turkey sandwich.)

Last Thursday:

Out (Had RA interviews from 6:00 – 10:00 and no time to eat. Lenny’s Chicken Philly.)

Last Friday:
Greek Chicken Caesar Wraps and White Cheddar Cheeze Its (More interviews! Quick thrown together meal with a fellow RD.)

Last Saturday:

Random Snacky Leftovers (Slept in, ate “breakfast” at 11:30 and “lunch” at 2:30.)

Last Sunday:

Crock Pot Hawaiian Chicken, Rice, and Roasted Brussel Sprouts




Heart Shaped Mini Meatloaf, 5 Minute Mac and Cheese, Roasted Asparagus, and Skillet Chocolate Bread Pudding (I originally planned this meal for Thursday, Valentine’s Day, BUT I wanted to make it early so I could post the recipes for Valentine’s Day date night inspiration!)


Lat-Webb Family Fun Night – Dinner “Out” (on campus) and Dessert Crepes


Valentine’s Leftovers


Chicken Florentine Pasta and Cucumber Tomato Salad




Crock Pot Cheeseburger Soup and Cornbread

Lunch Ideas:

I’m going to keep doing these. A. No one has complained yet. B. I found a couple of blogs that did this and it helped me!

jar salad +  one sliced avocado 

sick day – chicken noodle soup, crackers & gingerale (sometimes it’s all you can eat!)

jar salad + half of a pita 

michelena’s lean gourmet rice & beans + extra leftover kidney beans added + green giant singles corn & peas

leftovers – mostly consumed carrots + unsloppy sloppy joe + garlic mashed potatoes

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