31 People(s): Brittany

Next up of my 31 people(s) is Brittany Jo Perrotta. Brittany and I have been friends for 4-ish years and she is one of the quirkiest and endearingly weirdest people I know. We worked together at MC (fast forward 5 years after graduating from MC, I got to go back and work there!). We were Resident Directors (you’ll get to hear more about RDs and RD life soon). We worked together for a almost a whole year before we decided to be real friends. We are both pretty outspoken and everyone thought we hated each other because we argued a lot. We decided it was kind of silly that we weren’t “real” friends since our life stages were exactly the same (30, single, adults living with college kids, etc.) In the beginning of our “real” friendship, a convo like this went down and people could no longer doubt our friendship.

Me: “Let’s hang out.”

Brit: “Okay, wanna get tattoos?”

Me: “Sure.”

Friends who get tatted together stay together! (We also got another tattoo together right before she moved away from me last May.)


Hers is the tiny care bear heart (that has nothing to do with care bears, I just like calling it that) and mine is the dove. Brittany is a gem though. She’s hilarious. Really, go read her blog, you will laugh your butt off – http://coffeeandpuppies.blogspot.com/. And let’s pause for a moment to talk about the formation of Brittany’s blog. Brit decided she wanted to take up writing. Instead of asking her friend who is a long time blogger (me) how to go about doing this, she just picks up her computer and types blog.com. It was a terrible site, and then she wanted me to fix it. I made her switch to a site I could work with, got her set up, and every other day or so she’d send me a template and say, “make my blog look like this.” I’m proud to say she can now install her own templates and keeps the hilarious posts coming.

She’s about as real as a person can get. Being friends with her has taught me many things, but one of my favorite things she’s taught me is how to fight and that fighting with friends is okay. As you know, I grew up in crazyland. Fighting was prevalent, but usually resulted in people leaving, quitting, or giving up. Brit and I fought a lot, but it was good fighting. She taught me what it meant to fight well, that confrontation is good and doesn’t always result in giving up, and that friendships can become stronger because of it. Her friendship taught me that it’s okay to say that hard things. Brittany was the first person I was able to talk to face to face about a sin struggle I’d always allowed to trap me with shame. She wasn’t shocked or disappointed like I thought she’d be. She loved me exactly the same and wanted me to experience freedom as much as I wanted to experience freedom. And THAT was freeing!


Brittany’s family is as hilarious and awesome as she is. She’s a twin. Her dad’s name is Joe. She and her sister carry the middle name Jo. And she has a cousin named Joey. Half of her family are South Carolinian southerners and the other half are Pennsylvanian Italians. Her parents are the most generous people I know. Brittany and Abby (twin sister) always bring random assortments of people home with them for holidays. Her mom makes us all Christmas stockings and Easter baskets AND buys any girls who are there for Christmas matching pajamas. Her dad makes everyone feel welcome and cooks us breakfast every morning. The southern side insists you eat the yummy food they cook. The Italian side kisses you on the cheek and tells you to come to Pennsylvania soon. They’re loud and hilarious and amazing.

Brit is also crazy smart. She’s a seminary graduate and working on another masters degree. She has a heart for the nations, the marginalized, and the forgotten. Brittany is a pro and making displaced people feel placed. She’s an includer to the max. If you don’t have friends, she wants to help you find them. If you don’t have a church, she’ll take you to hers until you find your place. If you don’t have a family, you’re now part of hers. If you don’t know Jesus, she’s going to tell you about Him. If you’re stuck in sin, she’s going to love you through it. If you have no desire to love Jesus, she’s still going to love you and offer you everything she has. If you don’t have a car or wreck yours in New Orleans (hey, I did that), she’s going to make sure you have rides places and let you use hers anytime you need it. She’s also an excellent cook and randomly has a cooking school certificate. Make her cook for you! She forgets to use this skill.


She was my everyday life friend through one of the hardest, if not the hardest, seasons I’ve ever lived through. She was there when I found out me dad was sick. She let me use her car to drive to Arkansas to visit him multiple times when he was in and out of the hospital (mine didn’t have AC at the time). She was there when I made terrible choices because I was mad that my dad was going to die and she loved me through every moment. She even forced me (aka showed up at my apartment) to make me let her meet a guy I knew I shouldn’t have been dating and tried to keep it a secret. She wasn’t even on campus when I found out my dad died, but was there lightning speed fast when all I could do was text her and say that he was gone. She stayed with me the rest of the day. I spent many night in her apartment even though mine was just across the parking lot because I didn’t want to be alone.

She was there when I FREAKED out because I didn’t have anywhere to go for Christmas since my dad was gone. She helped me buy a plane ticket to come stay with her family for Christmas and took me home with her for every holiday after that. When I didn’t think even Jesus could heal my grief, she pushed me to try. I finally felt relief in the midst of grief because of the routine of spending time with Jesus, and then I wrecked my car! I panicked again because I wasn’t going to have the healing routine to cling to, but she got up with MY schedule every morning and took us both to Starbucks. She made me write and process and think of all the things I learned because of my dad’s life. She made me proactively plan for every holiday so I wouldn’t panic and snowball. She helped me and Allison (pictured above with us) plan a Father’s Day meal with all of our dad’s favorite things (Brit was also there with Allison every moment of her journey when she lost her dad shortly before I lost mine).

We freak out about life and next steps a lot together. We complain about boys and the lack of their presence in our lives often. We went on many 10 hour road trips to South Carolina. We watched A LOT of Netflix. We fought a lot. We laughed a lot. I cried a lot and she listened a lot (she doesn’t cry much). Like I said, she’s a gem. She’s a servant. She’s vulnerable and transparent. She loves Jesus with all of her heart. She loves her people fiercely. She fights well. She never gives up on people. She pushes everyone to Jesus. She’s my family. She tells people that if I got to chose who my sisters were they would be her and Taylor Swift (hence the picture she gave me above that I’ll never get rid of). I’m sad we don’t live in the same place anymore, but I’m thankful that we get to google chat almost every day and solve all of our, and the world’s, problems.


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31 People(s): The Friendgroup

The Friendgroup! You’ve heard about them three times already when I’ve talked about Micki, Molly, and Sara and a little bit about our beginnings. I’ll recap the way the formation of The Friendgroup went down. Micki and I met right before we started MC. Molly had transferred in the year before. Micki and Molly knew of each other from All-State youth choir. I had met Molly randomly the summer before I started MC. Anna and Megan transferred in at the same time as me and Micki from another community college. We met Anna and Megan at the very first transfer game night Molly hosted via BSU. All five of us decided to go through rush together. Micki knew Leah, who had been at MC a year already, from high school and their community college, but soon we all knew her too! Molly knew Stacy and Sara from their hometown and I knew them from our community college. Stacy joined the MC crew the next year. Brownhair met us when she transferred in that next year too. She lived on our floor in the dorm and was roommates with a mutual friend of Micki/Molly/Leah/etc. We basically occupied an entire hall at MC! Our friend group and a younger friend group we were also friends with took over 5th Floor East. You can’t convince me that better college years than ours exist! Sara, Leslie, and Sarah P were added on through camp. Micki, Molly, Sara, Sarah, Stacy, Brownhair, and I worked at Camp Garaywa for at least one summer and most of us multiple summers.  All of us worked camp with at least one or two of us together in different combinations. Sarah P eventually transferred to MC too. Sara graduated from Southern Miss and Leslie graduated from Ole Miss. The rest of us (me, Molly, Micki, Anna, Megan, Leah, Brownhair, Stacy, and Sarah P) graduated from MC between the years of 2004-2008.

I could write a book with all the hilarious memories from our college days! We had so much fun. We laughed A LOT. We stayed up to the wee hours of the morning A LOT. We studied a little (we all graduated!). We talked about our many crushes A LOT. We watched A LOT of American Idol. We ate A LOT of pizza sticks from Pete’s. And you could probably assume that 8-12 girls together at any given time were not very quiet. We got in trouble a few times by RAs for being too loud. I have two favorite too loud moments. We got in trouble once for playing bunco on a tiled floor apparently past the hours that the girls under us wanted to be awake. Another time we got in trouble because Anna decided to try out her metal roller skates on the same tiled floor. We slept on roofs. We went to grab-a-dates. We fell in mud puddles (okay that was just me). We had the time of our lives! And we were all involved in things all over campus and knew lots of people on campus, but we were our favorites.

Sometime during college, we started visiting each other’s families as a group. Several people’s families would host us and we’d go away for the weekend and do all sorts of fun things! We fished. We went to quirky small town festivals. We rode (and fell off) party barges (not me that time!). We even sang together at the family church of whoever we were visiting that weekend and called ourselves Sheltering Tree. (Note, I basically just held a mic and lip synced.) As we started to graduate and no longer were able to live all day everyday dorm life together, we realized how special our friendships were! In an effort to not be just a group of girls who were friends in college once, we established Summerfest and Friendmas!

Summerfest was basically an extension of the weekend gatherings we started in college. We don’t get to do Summerfest anymore, but when we did it was a blast! We’d always stay at someone’s family’s cabin or lakehouse, swim, get sunburned, eat way too much, retell old stories, catch up on new stories, and as always, laugh A LOT. Summerfest has been replaced by weddings, baby showers, and meet the baby showers, which are all equally as fun. Friendmas is still going strong and is one of the things I look forward to more than anything! It’s always sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. A different person hosts every year. Pictures are always a given (see below for my fav Friendmas pics over the years)! We eat and share recipes, we steal gifts from one another, we hug a lot, catch up on life, laugh as much as we always do, and get teary eyed when we have to leave.

By far one of the most fun things about being friends with someone since college is getting to see them fall in love and get married! We’ve all been at each wedding as bridesmaids, honorary bridesmaids, and/or the loudest cheerleaders. It’s pretty much an unspoken rule that a boyfriend isn’t real until he’s met The Friendgroup. It’s so fun to watch the husbands become friends with one another (and us) too! These ladies have married some keepers for sure who love us all and have all become pros at taking pictures of us. They play along at Friendmas too and bring guy gifts to steal from one another (though I don’t know if any of them have ever stolen, they don’t like the stealing drama as much as we do). And now they’re having babies! One of my favorite title’s in life is getting to be Aunt KK to my friend’s adorable kids.


Brownhair (who is called that because we had two Erin’s on our hall and her descriptor was Erin Brownhair and then it just stuck), wife to Caleb, mother of Bennett, is 100% the prankster/instigator of the group. She grabs butts in pictures, tries to pick you up when she hugs you, and can’t be trusted in the best kind of way possible (I’d trust her with my life and secrets any day, but not in the dark because she does crazy things like dress up like a midget clown to terrify her friends). I get to see her semi-regularly and it makes me happy! Her and Caleb have to come to my area for meetings a lot and I just adore them. Anna, wife to Kellen, mom of Kingston, is a hilarious little fireball. I’m pretty sure her spirit animal is Lucile Ball. She really could be a stand-up comedian. Megan, wife to Chad, mom to Sarah Bentley and Susanna, is one of my go-to prayer warriors! She’s also one of the sassiest people I know and may have passed down that sass to her gorgeous little girls. Stacy, wife to Brandon, has my heart! We’re cut from the same cloth, have similar family backgrounds, and I have and will always love her to pieces (and hope we get to have a reunion soon!). Sarah, wife to Kyle, mom to Avyn and Ayla, is also one of the funniest people I know. She makes me laugh endlessly, but she also has such a tender and caring heart. And her family has loved me like their own more times than I can count! She also let me sleep on her dorm room couch every night when I didn’t want to accept that I had graduated (and had a real apartment I could have been sleeping in!). Leslie loves her family fiercely, more than I’ve ever seen anyone love their family. She’s an encouraging presence among our group. Leah, wife to Brock, mom to Vanna, is one of the brightest, joyful people I know! Her smile lights up a room and her laugh is contagious. And you’ve heard lots already about Sara, Micki, and Molly already. This goes without saying, but they’re all gorgeous too! I told y’all, I have beautiful friends. I love these ladies so much!

And allow me to take a very serious moment (I kid about the seriousness) to say there are two very fantastic girls left in this wonderful friend group who are still single. And we just happen to be roommates! I could list many reasons why you should tell your single guy friends about about me and Sara, but who wouldn’t want to marry into The Friendgroup?! Sara and I are forever taking applications for eligible bachelors. Feel free to use our amazing friend group as one of many selling points if you happen upon either of the following types of guys. 1. Dark hair, dark eyes, bearded, drives a truck, smells delightful, loves Jesus, has a little meat on his bones, and toleration/like for country music is a bonus. (Clearly for Sara, y’all know I hate country music.) 2. Doesn’t drive a truck (or at least not one with any camo or big tires), doesn’t like country music (or at least doesn’t like ONLY country music), big, bearded, Jesus loving, foodie, likes eating baked goods, huggable, quirky lumberjack. And I’ll just leave this gem of a picture I found while looking for Friendgroup pics right here. Still single and ready to mingle world!


Seriously through, my life wouldn’t be the same without these girls! I never feel like I don’t fit in with them or am out of place regardless of my marital status or child status. And I know they all long for me to find my Friendgroup husband (and Sara to find hers) as much as I do! But I also know that even if I never get married, I’ll fit just as perfectly with them forever. Every single one of us knows The Friendgroup is where you go when you need prayer warriors, encouragement, and to be reminded that you’re loved. Jesus is at the core of who we are. We’ve seen each other experience life’s greatest joys, greatest losses, and all the silliness in between. According to the internets (via Micki), Amy Poehler once said, “Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.” I’m beyond blessed to have found these girls in college and know my life has been changed many times because of them. Now let’s start planning this year’s Friendmas already!


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31 People(s): Imaginary Friends

Since Saturdays are the hardest days for me to write, I decided I’m gonna keep it light and funny on these days. I don’t do well with doing anything structured on unstructured days like Saturdays. And most Saturdays I pack full with as many fun and life giving things as I can with all the people you’re hearing about! Today I went to a pumpkin patch, went on a hayride, ate lunch with people, washed clothes and sheets, cooked a meal that I’ll deliver tomorrow for a friend with a new baby, and ate dinner with more people! And the sillier light-hearted posts were already planned, I just moved my outline around a little to make those posts fall on Saturdays. So today you get to hear about my imaginary friends!

I get  really involved in the lives of fictional characters y’all. REALLY INVOLVED! I can admit to finding myself multiple times wanting to pray for different things FICTIONAL characters were going through. And oh the things I’ve learned from them! Harry Potter and his friends taught me to love reading. Meredith Grey and her friends (though I no longer watch them) gave me some insight on grief once (I wrote about it a billion years ago). Lorelai Gilmore has taught me more lessons that I can even count! (Coffee is life. Always have some good clothes that are clean and don’t have to be dry cleaned. Live in a quirky town. Etc etc etc.) Coach Taylor taught me so many applicable life lessons in relation to team life (aka life lived in community), made me push myself harder and feel like I was winning a state championship football game when I was ellipticaling, and forever ingrained on my soul that with clear eyes and a full heart you just CAN’T LOSE!

For real though, book reading and tv show watching (particularly when the tv shows have great character development) can be quite therapeutic! I think it’s possible to have unhealthy relationships and addictions to tv watching because literally everything can be used for bad. BUT, I think it’s possible when balanced and paired with other healthy activities for it to be a good, relaxing, and fun outlet. And I really do think there are practical lessons to be learned everywhere, even in the lives of fictional characters (along with a lot of lessons to be filtered out). I just really do love them y’all! And so I’m going to tell you about my favorites.

  • Harry Potter. Forever and always. FOREVER! I used to HATE reading. I wouldn’t read books. They didn’t engage me and it wasn’t fun to me. Micki made us watch the movies, which we of course loved, and then forced me to read the first book promising I would love it. I didn’t believe her, but she was right! I love the books. I love the movies. I love the fandom. I love Harry Potter world. I LOVE IT ALL! So many beautiful life lessons and classic good vs. evil battles. I own all the movies (and books) and will forever and always still watch them on ABC Family weekends, commercials and all. I have Harry Potter tattoos (tiny cute baby ones). I have a Hogwarts sweatshirt. I have Hufflepuff paraphernalia. I’m a Harry Potter dork and don’t care! Seriously, #HarryPotterForever.
  • Gilmore Girls. OBSESSED! Best show ever. I’ve watched it all the way through 3 times and just started a 4th. Ultimate love. The utmost quirk. I mean I basically live where I live because it reminds me of Stars Hollow.
  • Nashville. Oh the drama. I LOVE IT! You just can’t beat singing + drama.
  • Friday Night Lights. All the heart eyes forever. I just recently made my way through this show. I never thought I’d like it because I hate football, but it’s so not about the football! I wish Coach Taylor was my personal life coach. I wish Tammy Taylor was my mentor. And Tim Riggins! Nothing else needs to be said. Texas isn’t on my list of places I’d never live, but it’s also not at the top of the places I’d love to live list either. But I’d be all Texas Forever any day for Tim Riggins.
  • Parenthood. All the teary eyes for this one! Such a wholesome show. And it really did help me cope with my dad having cancer. They approached real life topics in a real way and it was really beautiful (and tearful!).
  • Food Network! The Food Network makes me dream and inspires my cooking so much. I don’t know if I’d love cooking as much as I do if it wasn’t for Food Network. My current fav Food Network show is The Kitchen! Tons of practical kitchen tips, but also the hosts just have excellent chemistry.
  • Scandal. This is just one of my guilty pleasure shows. I learn nothing from this show other than how to conspiracy theorize and that Olivia Pope is the ultimate BA. It’s also one of a handful of shows that I watch that I CANNOT stop watching because I must know how it ends.
  • Once Upon a Time! This is probably my favorite show currently on. I love it so much. I’ve always loves fantasy and fairy tales and magic. It combines it all so perfectly with great twists and incredible character development. It feels like watching a big screen movie every week! And TONS of life lessons/good vs. evil lessons/messages of hope. LOVE.
  • My Big Fat Fabulous life could be categorized as a guilty pleasure too, but I love Whitney Way Thore! I don’t like most weight loss shows because I think they preach a terrible message. I love this show though because she is trying to lose weight for health reasons and to be her healthiest self, but she loves herself and her life at her current size, not at a dream goal size!
  • Gossip Girl. Definitely another guilty pleasure show. No spectacular life lessons, but it had a way of making you appreciate your besties (and that you didn’t grow up in that life). Also another one that I had to keep watching to know the end! And I guessed who it was by the way.
  • Pretty Little Liars. Guilty pleasure. Stuck. Can’t stop. Don’t want to stop. MUST KNOW THE END! And I watch it with my besties so it’s super fun.
  • Impractical Jokers. Oh man, I love this show. It’s not a great show to watch with mixed company, but it’s hilarious to watch with your roommate. It’s a perfect short show to watch while we eat dinner too. And Q and Sal aren’t too bad to look at either.
  • The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Another guilty pleasure. It scares the heck out of me at times, but I love it.

Fun additional fact: Micki’s husband says I won’t watch/like a show unless it has a crushworthy character on it. It’s a pretty true statement.


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31 People(s): Marissa

Marissa is the only girl cousin I got to grow up with! (I have another fantastic older girl cousin who always lived in Colorado and now lives in France, amazing!). Marissa and I were the only 2 girls of the grandkids on my mom’s side. She is Aunt Sandy’s daughter and first child and the older sister of Jacob and Zack (they’ll get shoutouts in a post soon too). We’re first cousins by birth, but have always been sisters at heart. She’s married to the perfect match for her and they live about 2 hours a way from me. We don’t get to hang out as much in this season of life as we did in the past, but the sister-like bond remains! And though we have spent our entire lives being besties, apparently we had a rocky start.

I’ve been told this story a million times, but I have no recollection of it at all. Naturally since I was so close to Aunt Sandy when I was little (and forever), I was excited when she was having a baby. Apparently my excitement faded the day she told me what she was going to name her. She says that I wept when she told me my new cousin’s name was going to be Marissa. They said there was a girl in my class named Marissa that reportedly was mean to me and I was devastated by the name choice. I pleaded and begged Aunt Sandy not to name her that, but she did anyway. I think any worries I must have had about Marissa being evil must had dissipated quickly because we’ve been posing in happy pictures together since she was an infant.

Obviously  we were together A LOT. I’m four years older than her, but as soon as she could walk and talk age difference didn’t matter. Most of our family members live within walking distance of one another, and I pretty much walked to Aunt Sandy’s house any day I could. Marissa and I were OBSESSED with Disney princesses. She was always Ariel and I was always Cinderella. Fun fact: I used to want to have a Disney Princess wedding hahaha. Marissa helped me plan it many times. All my bridesmaids were going to be Disney princesses and Marissa, the maid of honor of course, was either going to dye her hair red and be Ariel or because of long brown hair and olive skin was going to be Pocahontas.

We spent lots of hours watching the Disney Channel. We made Aunt Sandy record Days of Our Lives for us (until Marlena was possessed, then we quit that show). We were majorly obsessed with High School Musical (and yes, I was probably in college by then). We were in dance together, though I should say Marissa was in dance, I just went to class and participated in recitals and stunk. She was REALLY good. I quit after 4 years and she stuck with it a while longer. It paid off too because she was also an excellent member of the flag team in community college and got a nice scholarship for it! Even our Barbies were friends! And we usually had coordinating, or at least really cute, Halloween costumes! My mom used to sew a lot and made Halloween costumes and Aunt Sandy used to be a makeup lady and always did our makeup. We were adorbs!

I went to Copiah Lincoln Community College. She went to Copiah Lincoln Community College. I went to Mississippi College. She went to Mississippi College. We never got to go to either of these places together, but it’s another bond we share! Riss is super smart and always has been. She’s a teacher and great with kids. Side note to say I think teachers are super heroes. What you do is hard, exhausting, you don’t get paid enough, and you aren’t appreciated enough, but I see you! You’re all heroes in my book. In addition to being smart, she’s also beautiful! She’s always been better at makeup than me, she has great hair, great skin, and she’s just gorgeous (I told you, we have good genes!). She has a tender heart and always has. She cares deeply about the world and her people. She also has the best laugh and an even better laughing face. I can’t see her laughing and not laugh too.

As I mentioned earlier, she’s married to a great guy – Mark. We all love Mark and he fits into our family flawlessly! I love lots of things about Mark, but what I love most about him (aside from how much he loves my sister cousin) is how much he loves Marissa’s little brothers/my little cousins (who aren’t little at all anymore). He is SO great with Jacob and Zack and I love that. Marissa and Mark have a cute little house with a cute little dog named Henry. They both love Jesus fiercely and are continually and evidently growing. Mark really is perfect for Marissa and she’s grown so much because of him! I’m proud of the way he supports her and how bold she’s become in standing up for herself and others as they’ve thrived in their marriage. And she was a gorgeous bride! I got to be her maid-of-honor, cried the day she asked me, and SOBBED all through the perfect union of two imperfect people joined together by a perfect God.

Another great story that has to be told is the day Marissa found her wedding dress. In an effort to save money, Rissa’s plan was to order a dress online. We went dress “shopping” just so she could try on dresses to get an idea of what size to order. We picked dresses in a similar style to the one she found online for her to try on. They were all beautiful, but nothing magical. We still supported her decision to order online. And then… She tried on THE dress. It was one of those classic magical movie moments where we all three looked in the mirror and teared up. It was out of her budget, but we all vowed to find other ways to cut cost because none of us could say goodbye to that dress. And as if it wasn’t already perfect enough, the bridal shop lady told us it was in a line inspired by Disney princesses. The name of the dress was Ariel. Teary eyes released their tears and we all cried. (I actually wrote a blog post inspired by the moment once.)

My favorite memory from this year happened in May. I acquired Taylor Swift concert tickets and knew that Marissa was one of the only people who wouldn’t judge how excited I would be and the crying I would do. It was hot. We sweated a lot. My feet and back were hurting like crazy. We didn’t get home until 2 am. We both decided we were too old for concerts. BUT IT WAS WORTH IT! And we’d do it again. It was magical and perfect and I’m so glad we got to share it together!

We’ve been through a lot together. Good, bad, and ugly (including both of our awkward middle school stages). We’ve laughed until we’ve cried endless times. We’ve cried until we’ve laughed probably just as much. We’ve fought (you do this with heart sisters, it just happens!). I’ve probably bossed her around way too often in our lifetime. We’ve gone too long without being intentional to catch up WAY too many times. But we are and will forever be heart sisters. I know she will always be there any time I need her. I know she prays for me. She knows I pray for her. She’ll be there standing right beside me the day I get married too.I’ll be one of the first people in the waiting room for every kid she has and vice versa. And maybe one day we’ll get to make our kids fold our clothes and wear coordinating Halloween costumes too. I love you Riss!


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31 People(s): Aunt Sandy

If you know me, you’ve probably met Aunt Sandy and/or heard about her A LOT! She’s literally been there since the day I was born, before in fact. She’s my mom’s younger sister and we’ve pretty much been two peas in a pod since the day I was born. She got married 3 months after I was born, and therefore I get cheating bonus points for always remembering how many years she’s been married each anniversary (aka how ever old I am). She didn’t have Marissa (you’ll get to hear about her tomorrow!) until 4 years into marriage. Since Uncle Jeff worked often, we were pals when I was a toddler! I’ve been spending the night at her house literally for 32 years. And now she spends the night at mine sometimes. Her and Marissa are coming to visit next weekend and I’m ECSTATIC!

Her and Uncle Jeff have always called me their fourth child, and she definitely has always been a mother figure in my life. Aunt Sandy and I were cut from the exact same cloth. My OCD organizing cleanliness is straight from her. The one exception to my OCD cleanliness being piles of clean clothes not put away? Also from her. Marissa and I joke that our hatred for laundry is her fault. When were kids she tried to make us folding clothes for her sound like a fun game. We’d sit on the living room floor and watch Days of Our Lives or the Disney Channel and fold clothes. I think it’s about time for us to have our own kids to pass this game down to them! Guess who is also obsessed with pumpkins, decorating for fall and Christmas, and sitting on her front porch? Yep, Aunt Sandy. She recently sent me a picture of a Pumpkin Spice Life mug she got from Wal-mart telling me I should get it too and of course, I already had it. We’re both crafty AND I get my cooking skills from her. Seriously, two peas in a pod for 32 years and counting.


Aunt Sandy is also beautiful! Frequently when her, Riss, and I are together they think she’s our age and not our elder. She taught us from a young age to NEVER SLEEP IN MAKEUP! I think this, and good genes, are one of the many reasons we all look younger than we are (I still get mistaken for a college student at least once a week and I’m 32). Not only does she look younger than she is, she’s also always been young at heart. She loved all the Disney Channel movies and shows right along with me and Marissa, and not just because we liked them, she liked them too! We’ll blame me liking movies and shows meant for preteens on her as well.

She’s fun. She loves cats and if you love cats you should follow her Instagram. She’s super smart and the hardest person ever to beat at Scrabble. She’s supportive of everything her kids do and loves them (and me) fiercely! She never stops having a fun and lively life or learning new things. She’s a supportive and loving wife. She’s a great gardener. She’s a beautiful singer.  I’ve never introduced her to a person who didn’t love her instantly. All of my friends call her Aunt Sandy too. She’s just great!


But real talk time, there hasn’t been a time since at least middle school when I’ve been asked one of those ice breaker or interview questions about who my role model/hero is that her name hasn’t been on the list. I grew up in what I like to call crazyland, surrounded by chaos and at times a lot of terrible things. Aunt Sandy was always the person in my life who was the opposite of chaos and often the escape from chaos. When everything at home was dark, she was light. She’s the reason I wanted to go to church. My parents didn’t go to church when I was a kid, but she did. I was in church every Sunday because of her, and I needed that positivity and goodness in my life.

I was an EXTREMELY shy kid and teenager, but never with her family. She knew me. I was so shy that I resisted God’s gentle call to enter into a relationship with Him for probably at least TWO years. The night I finally couldn’t ignore it anymore, Aunt Sandy knew. I was a trembling 13 year old, scared to be in front of anyone or even talk to anyone about what was going on in my heart, but she saw me internally and externally wrestling with the fear to make a public decision. She reached over and held my hand and told me she’d go with me. She has always been and will always be a spiritual hero in my life.

When things got even rockier at home, she let me live at her house every weekend and for every holiday break during my first two years of college (I went to a community college and we couldn’t stay on the weekends). Everything hasn’t always been perfect, but in the times it hasn’t or wasn’t, there’s always been reconciliation. I think we’re closer now than we’ve ever been because we survived a really hard season. She’s taught me so many things I’ve mentioned and things I haven’t. She’s modeled what it looks like to have healthy boundaries in friendships. She’s shown me what it looks like to  parent children with so much grace. She was the one person who came to my dad’s memorial service for me and stood beside me and once again held my hand as I wrestled with something life changing. She believes in me and is one of my biggest supporters. It’s rare that a day goes by where we don’t text each other at least once. She loves Jesus in a real, growing way, more now than I’ve ever seen her love Him (which is saying a lot). I love her and wouldn’t be who I am without her.


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31 People(s): Brother

Today I get to talk about my brother Kyle! He’s my little brother (2 years younger), but he’s the most big brother-like little brother that ever existed. I’m gonna keep this post short and sweet, because he probably wouldn’t read it if it was too long haha, but that doesn’t mean my love for this 31 People(s) is any less! First funny stories! I unintentionally endangered his life a few times when we were little. Once when he was a tiny baby, like not old enough to eat solid food baby, I tried to feed him chips. Oops. I believe there is another story of me pulling him out of his swing when he was a baby because I wanted him to play with me. He likes to tell people that I stabbed him once. But the knife was plastic! I also didn’t think he was going fast enough when we made a game out of sliding down the side of our dad’s old timey truck (terrible game for kids to play) so I pushed him off. And he had to get stitches. OOPS FOR REAL! And one time we were all (a couple cousins I think too) playing in a barn filled with hay bales (we grew up on a farm, there wasn’t much to do, don’t judge) and Kyle got stuck between some hay bales and we couldn’t pull him out. He thought he was going to die and in addition to apologizing to me for everything he had done wrong, he also told me to tell a whole list of people that he loved them. He doesn’t think that story is funny but I still laugh out loud every time I think about it.

I was a typical first born sister (perfect in every way, duh) and he was a typical little brother (had stitches a lot, got in trouble for everything including stuff I did). Though the list of things I did to him that he didn’t deserve was vast, don’t think he was angelic! There are lots of classic little brother stories I could tell like when he read my diary and told his whole baseball team that I had a crush on one of his teammates or when he and all my boy cousins would build “bridges” to cross the creek and make me test them first (AND I ALWAYS FELL IN). I love reminiscing about funny childhood stories! But for real, he’s an amazing brother and human and I really could write WAY more words than he’d care to read about all the reasons why.

He is seriously the most loved person I’ve ever met. Kyle has an army of people that would come to his rescue, fight for him, or take a bullet for him without hesitation. If there was a small town award called most loved town member, he’d get it hands down. He would and does do anything and everything for anyone! He has probably helped over half of Monticello do some odd job or favor. He’s helped me more times than I can even count! Most recently if you follow me on Facebook you know that he found someone to come help me with me car when he couldn’t and they did it for FREE. When I had a wreck in New Orleans (3+ hours away from where my brother lives or I live) and had to leave my car down there, he found a friend with a trailer to go get my car, spent 3 months finding the cheapest parts possible to fix my car, and spent way too much of his own time and money having it fixed. He’s helped me move more times than I can count. The list goes on and on!

Above all else though, he’s the one person who has always been there. We didn’t grow up in the most picture perfect of circumstances, but no matter how bad or crazy things got we always knew we had each other. We fight and will probably always fight (that’s what brothers and sisters do), but never ever have I doubted his love and loyalty. We’ve both probably said a lot of things to one another over the years that we didn’t mean, but none of that sticks. All that sticks is unconditional love and unending support. Unconditional love is loving someone and being only a phone call away no matter how disappointed you are or have been in them, no matter how mad you are or have been at them, no matter what stupid things they said or did. I am thankful to have friends that love me like that too, but there’s just nothing like a brother, and mine is pretty darn fantastic.


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31 People(s): Anna

ANNA! My sweet, rambunctious friend Anna. She’s also part of the squad and we hang out at least every other day if not every day. Another BEAUTY too. I mean seriously, my friends are gorgeous. We’ve been friends for a year and a half too, but it feels like so much longer (in the good, forever friend kind of way). She’s another one of the interns at my church and everyone has loved her since the moment she arrived. She’s a vivacious little human, so full of life! She loves to hug and I love hugs so we work out well in that way. She’s a baby whisperer and kids love her because she’ll roll around on the ground with them or toss them up in the air over and over again. She seriously has just as much energy as they do!

She too is ridiculously talented. Anna is a self taught beast of a drummer! She’s amazing on a full drum set, rocks the heck out of an octopad, but my favorite way to watch her play is on her cajón (I had to google how to spell that, I don’t music). That’s what she plays most Sunday’s when she leads worship for our gospel family. Somehow she’s able to play the cajón with one hand, shake a shaker with another, bass kick the cajón with her heel, and use her other foot to tap a tambourine… WHAT?! I can’t even rub my belly and pat my head at the same time. It never ceases to impress me AND she’s worshipful while she does it! She’s also a self taught carpenter of sorts. She’s built really impressive benches, a chest, a coffee table, and an awesome plant box just in the short time I’ve know her.

She loves bikes, maps, ked-like tennis shoes, and doesn’t want to admit that pink is one of her favorite colors so finds other creative names to call it (peach, salmon, faded red, etc). She keeps us all from getting lost by being a human GPS. She’s hilariously not good at the internets (I will have to send her a direct like via text to read this post because she won’t see it anywhere else and/or know how to get to it, and she probably won’t even see the text until tomorrow!). She’s a great cook and an adventurous eater! The way she can put away a meal impresses me. Seriously! I always tell her I wish I could be a fly on the wall on all her first dates and watch guys be impressed with the amount of food such a petite human can put away. It’s a skill! She has the quirkiest phrases and sayings and oh my gosh they’re catchy. We often all find ourselves saying some obscure phrase or repeating a quirky mannerism that comes straight from Anna’s brain/mouth. Her expletives are the names of random people I like to call her imaginary friends – Claude, Shelly Patelly, Shelly Ford, and more.

Anna is one of the most adventurous people I know and just being friends with her makes me a little more adventurous. She’s a ball of fire and an energetic little monkey! Seriously, if something is climbable, she’s going to climb it. She’s fearless and brave. It pushes me and inspires me and I LOVE that about her. I’m the ultimate scheduler and she’s the ultimate go with the flow type and I like that being friends with her helps me be a little more spontaneous and less reliant on my calendar. She’s smart and chock full of wisdom. She sees the world through bright eyes and full of possibilities. She cares about people so deeply. She makes me laugh ALL THE TIME. She too has good genes, a Godly family, and the most adorable nephews ever. But again, my favorite thing about this gem of a friend is Jesus in her!

Anna has such a hunger and heart for the Gospel. She truly lives out a gospel centered life, always seeking to let grace cover her sinfulness, never hiding in shame, always wanting to find ways to achieve intimacy and closeness with Jesus, and forever inviting the Holy Spirit in. Her thoughts are deep! She asks questions that I never think to ask and really gets us all thinking through hard things and makes me want to dig in scripture and context to really learn things, not just stay on the surface. She really looks for God’s hand and guidance in everything, and it’s beautiful! She’s so bold, so vulnerable, and so transparent. She’s an inward processor, and as an outward processor, it makes me value the things she shares with me so much! She challenges me to dig deeper. She pushes us all to be real whether it’s good, bad, or ugly.

She’s beautiful. She’s quick-witted. She makes me laugh. She hugs me. Sometimes I want to pinch her cheeks. She’s a bantering champ. She loves me and our people well. I love that she eats the pumpkin things I bake even though she doesn’t like pumpkin. I’m thankful she has tools that fix things. I’m thankful she never settles for less in any area of life and inspires me to do the same. I’m thankful for the way she processes things and sees the depth in everything. I love the way her brain works. I love the way she loves Jesus. I love the way she loves life. AND I LOVE HER! Seriously I’m so blessed to call her a friend, to be challenged by the depth of her realness, and to get to do life with her.


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31 People(s): Lindsey

I briefly mentioned my “squad” when I got to talk to you about Sara. Sometimes I love new buzzwords and sometimes I hate them (I still think “on fleek” needs to die). I don’t love the overuse of the term squad by college and high school students, and so to spite me (the fun endearing kind of spite) Lindsey renamed our friend group message SQUAD. Urban dictionary (obviously a super reliable source) defines squad as “crew, posse, gang: an informal group of individuals with a common identity and a sense of solidarity.” The insignificant term is secretly growing on me, shh, don’t tell them. One of the many things I would say about us is that we have a common sense of solidarity. Our solidarity is freedom from sin and shame. And it’s beautiful! The one and only Lindsey was the initiator of our squad.

You’ve heard about my gospel family a lot (and they’ll be getting some posts too). We’re a missional community style church plant focused on being the family of God and living on mission together. Part of being the family of God involves not just going to a worship service and seeing each other on Sundays and Wednesdays, but getting messy in each other’s lives. We do a lot to help facilitate that, and one of those things are DNA groups – small accountability groups of 3-5 same gender people. Lindsey and Anna (you’ll get to hear about her tomorrow!) are interns at our church. Right around the time they joined us, we relaunched DNA groups to help accommodate the new people we’d acquired who weren’t in pre-established groups. As a person who is not the best with change, I WAS STRESSED! I just wanted to be in a DNA group with EVERYONE! I avoided trying to figure out who I was going to meet with as much as I could, and one Sunday morning we (Sara, Anna, Lindsey, and I) were all standing around and Lindsey in her excited bubbly tone said, “hey! want to be in a DNA group together??” I like to think our lives changed forever that day. (I have a flair for the dramatic, but really, they did!)


We dove in heart first, built trust quicker than I’ve ever seen a group do so, and never looked back. When the Holy Spirit unites a group of people, it’s just pretty dang hard to tear them apart. I’m ridiculously thankful for that! We celebrate everything – birthdays, first day of fall, holidays, good days, bad days that need cheering up, etc. We watch a lot of TV shows together – PLL, Nashville, Once Upon a Time, Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls, etc. We eat A LOT of meals together. But best of all, we love each other through everything! Every bad day, every good day, every hard season, every sinful moment. It’s messy, beautiful, and worth it. Most of my favorite moments from the past year involve Lindsey and these girls! The most beautiful freeing moment that I’ll never forget was a night in DNA group. We got pretty real pretty fast, but we still were somewhat vague about our sin struggles. One night when I was being elusively vague about mine, Lindsey just boldly asked what I was referring to. It was a moment I’ll never forget when we all genuinely felt free to talk openly about our sin struggles. You don’t know what freedom is until you’ve been able to confess your sins to your people and have them love you exactly the same. Try it! It’s beautiful.

But you’ve heard about Sara, and tomorrow you’ll hear about Anna. Today is Lindsey’s day! This girl, y’all. Her joy and enthusiasm for life are contagious. Her love language is words of affirmation, and good grief she’s an encouraging soul. The way she lives life and loves others is enchanting. She’s ridiculously talented! Seriously. She’s a gifted and anointed worship leader. You KNOW I love my gospel family and always have. But the frequency that I’ve been lead to the throne room by singing praises to my God since Lindsey has been leading us is VAST. She’s also gorgeous and so fashion savvy, seriously I text her for outfit advice all the time. She loves cats more than anyone I know. She collects weird things like socks with food on them and old lady stuff. She’s so endearing and quirky, anyone would be crazy not to adore her. She’s sassy and creative. She an unbelievably brave soul. She’s recently embarked on the journey of being obedient to a call on her life to write music, and again I repeat, UTTER TALENT! I can’t wait for the day that she shares her songs with the world. She’s funny, an amazing wordsmith, intelligent, and wise beyond her years. She’s my go-to editor (she will find all the typos in this post), one of my favorite people to process with because our brains work so similarly, but by far my favorite thing about her is the way she loves Jesus.


Lindsey’s love for Jesus is real and untamed. She’s so vulnerable and transparent and it brings so much glory to her Heavenly Father. She’s so giving of her time, talents, and love to others. She’s so sensitive to the Holy Spirit it’s ridiculous! She sees opportunities everywhere and in everything. She feels conviction deeply and always strives to make her wrongs right. She basks in the love of her Savior and it’s evident to anyone who encounters her. She loves the people in her life so, so well. She pushes me to love and trust Jesus more. She reminds me of truth on a daily basis. She’s a fierce fighter of lies and goes to battle not just for herself, but for her people, DAILY.

She’s currently my squad, and will forever be a sister of solidarity for me. AND to top it all off, her family is pretty great too! As you know or may have picked up on, I usually don’t have plans for Christmas. This year was extra stressful and I wasn’t having luck finding somewhere to go. At the time Lindsey had only known me for 6 months, but she invited me to do Christmas with her family! It was fun, hilariously loud, and unbelievably gracious. Her dad is a hoot and genuinely one of the funniest people! Her mom is sacrificially giving. Her sister is one of my favs and I wish she’d come visit every weekend. Her Nana is the most Godly grandmother I’ve ever met. Her Pawpaw is as funny as her dad and talked about the chupacabra non-stop. Her uncle insisted on calling me Special K all weekend and prayed over me before we left (I cried, duh). She’s great. Her people are great. I’m so glad I get to call her friend.


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31 People(s): Sara

Today I get to tell you about Sara aka THE BEST ROOMMATE EVER! Sara and I have actually known each other since 2002! We met at our community college BSU when I was a sophomore and she was a freshman. She’s also part of the infamous Friendgroup and one of the ones connected through the summer camp most of us worked. We were pretty close at camp and have always had a similar sense of style and have always accidentally owned many of the same clothes. 

During the college years and all through our twenties, we never lived in the same place. She always lived in Hattiesburg, and I lived in Clinton, then Southeast Louisiana, then Clinton again. I always loved seeing Sara at Friendgroup gatherings and wished I got to see her more, but never in a million years would I have thought we’d get to be roommates one day! Camp was great and seeing each other at Friendgroup gatherings was fun, but none of those memories compare to the ones we’ve lived the last year and a half, and those are the ones I’m going to talk about!

Long story short, I used to have a live in position at MC. I decided I wanted to live in a house in the same town and therefore needed roommates. I was searching far and wide for roommates, never thinking I’d end up living with someone I’ve been friends with for 10+ years! Sara was pretty set in living in Hattiesburg, but a mutual friend talked to her about moving to Clinton. She prayed about it and every force around her practically pushed her to Clinton. We’ve lived together for a year and half, and I seriously couldn’t have scripted a roommate more perfect for me in this season of life.

I’ll talk about all the ways Sara is an amazing roommate for me in a minute, but first I just want to talk about her. She’s a beautiful human being inside and out. Our friend Lindsey coined the perfect term for her – stunning. On the surface, I mean she’s just a pro at makeup. Her face is flawless every day and she gets asked once a week for makeup lessons. Her giving love language is acts of service and oh how she loves and serves the people in her life! She feels passionately called to teach pre-k kids and prepare them for kindergarten and she is a beast at it. She loves her kids and their parents unlike any other preschool teacher I’ve ever known. I passionately hate folding clothes, and one day when I left the house for less than an hour to workout, she folded and hung all my clothes! I wept. She’s genuinely servant hearted! She’s also hilarious, and is frequently shocked that people think she’s funny, but we all know she is! 

She also has an amazing family that she readily shares with all of her friends. Her sister is a frequent and welcomed guest in our house and our whole friend group loves her! Her mom is an angel in disguise! I love watching Sara and her family love one another, but it doesn’t just stop there! Her mom is one of the most giving and caring people I’ve ever met. When we had a roommate leave last minute and our house ended up void of some necessary furnishings, within a week we had a rug, couch, side tables and more all thanks to her. When we had another roommate leave sooner than expected, she insisted on buying our groceries for the ENTIRE MONTH because she knew things would be tight that month. She delivers boiled peanuts for Sara AND me! She sends Sara home with dessert from the holidays for Sara and her friends. She visits us all the time (AND WE LOVE IT) and when she does she refuses to let us pay for our meals when we go out. She’s seriously an angelic saint! So clearly Sara has good genes.

In case you don’t know, I’m an incredibly flawed person. To name a few:  I apparently leave the kitchen cabinets open anytime I go in there (which is often). I’m OCD and often unintentionally put unrealistic expectations on the people around me in regards to organization (SILLY!). I am pretty much a b-word before I have coffee. I sometimes tend to have hanger episodes, and yeah, nothing more needs to be said about that. I sometimes forget to have a filter and say things without thinking. Sara is undeniably one of the most forgiving people I know. I have to apologize for my sinfulness A LOT and she never holds anything against me even for a second. She listens to me when I freak out about things. She isn’t afraid of me when I cry. She always tries her best to fix things for everyone when they are broken. Seriously, I wasn’t exaggerating when I said she was the BEST ROOMMATE EVER!

What I love most about Sara though is the way I’ve seen her love Jesus and the family of God this year and the way I’ve watched her let Him pursue her and wreck her life this year in the best way possible. We have similar stories in that we went through some rough seasons after and during losing our dads and did some things we wish we wouldn’t have. But there is absolutely nothing more beautiful than watching someone realize how loved and forgiven they are by their Savior. Despite any fears or nervousness, Sara jumped in head first to getting connected to a gospel community and it is so beautiful to watch! We get to be in an accountability group together (stay tuned to hear about the other two girls in our squad, Lindsey and Anna, soon) and the freedom we’ve all experienced this year and the healing we’ve all experienced through confession to one another and Jesus is absolutely amazing! There really is no one else I’d rather be doing roommate life with in this season of life than Sara. She’s my best roommate, one of my besties, and I love her!


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31 People(s): Molly

Oh Molly. Molly claims I didn’t like her when we first met, but I still think (and will always think) this is a lie. Molly and I also met right before I started MC and she is also apart of the aforementioned Friendgroup. We met at a mutual friend’s house right after I got back from summer missions. We realized we wanted to be friends when we re-met at MC a few weeks later. She was in charge of transfer ministry at MC, and I was a transfer. We probably couldn’t have been more different on the exterior at the time. I had a nose ring, some hideous unnatural hair color, wore skirts over jeans and sweat bands as bracelets, and had a recent first tattoo. Molly was (and is) a classic southern belle – red lipstick, clean cut, and a fan of polos. I always joke that I have no idea why her mom let her be friends with me, but she did, and even liked me! Molly and I are listed on Facebook as sisters, and this is a pretty accurate title for the role she plays in my life. We too have been friends since 2003 for 12+ years. There is probably no one in my life who has truly had to love me through the good, BAD, and UGLY like she has. Major emphasis on the bad and ugly.

Molly and her entire family are beautiful inside and out! She without question has always loved and accepted me with open arms, but her family has also always extended the same kindness and I can’t write this post without writing about them too! When we were in college, I got to go on family vacation with them to the mountains several times. Throughout college her mom always included me in family pictures when I was around, her dad treated me like I was one of his girls, and her littler sister also became one of my best friends!

After college when a lot of hard things happened for me and I found myself not having anywhere to go for Christmas, her family took me in and lavished love on me just like I was one of them! The kindness and love they showed me far outweighs any other memory from that Christmas (and most Christmases!). I don’t think for a minute that Christmas is about presents, but… I got more presents for Christmas that year than I’ve ever gotten!

Mr. Jamie (dad) has fixed my car and checked on me more times than I can count. Susu (mom) is so nurturing, genuinely loves Jesus, and really cares about all the people in her life. Leah Frances (sister) is such a joy, has always been wise beyond her years, and is and will always be one of my heart friends. And a side note – I got to be a bridesmaid for not just Molly, but her sister too! I just can’t say enough about them! But, as much as I love them and how sacrificially loving and giving they all are, the best thing they’ve ever given me is Molly, so back to her!

Seriously, Molly loves me so fiercely you should be jealous if you don’t have a Molly haha. She believes in me. She knows every ugly thing about me and still loves me. In every bad season I’ve had in life, I’ve tried to push her away, and she just won’t leave (and this is a very good thing!). She relentlessly loved me through my darkest season of depression, called me and kept calling me until I answered no matter how many times I didn’t (which was a lot), never ceases to speak truth to me even when it’s not what I want to hear, never stops pushing me to Jesus, and always always sees the best in me.

We have a mutual respect for each other’s dislike to talk on the phone, but it’s a good thing phone companies don’t charge per text these days. It’s rare they we don’t text each other every day and multiple times a day! Sure, most days it’s about the multiple tv shows we watch, but we talk through every fear, lie, worry, joy, excitement, and silly moment too. She really is my sister. We can yell at each other and know it’s only for our own good. We only expect the best from each other and won’t let one another settle for anything less. We say the hard things. We listen to the hard things. We never give up on each other. We see the best always. We see every potential and push each other to reach it.

I’m the Christina Yang to her Meredith Grey. She’s the Lorelei to my Sookie. No matter how many moments I have where I am convinced no one likes me or wants to be my friend, I never ever doubt that Molly will always be there. She’s my go-to, she’s my constant, I know there is nothing I can ever do to make her not love me. She has been there for everything, and will continue to be there for everything. She’s the real deal. Oh and she’s also married to a pretty fantastic guy! Her hubby Shawn is very much like a brother to me, we even fight like siblings. You know your bestie married the perfect guy when your hangout times look and feel the same regardless of whether he’s there or not. I love you more than life Molly! Thanks for loving me when I deserve it, but thanks even more for loving me when I don’t.


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