Blogtember Day 1

My good friend Jessica over at Meet the Magnolias inspired me! The 31-days October challenge that I did last year is totally out of the question this year since I’M GETTING MARRIED IN OCTOBER!

Side note: doing the 31-day challenge last year (and not finishing it until JANUARY) was totally meant to be. I reconnected with my soon to be Hubby at the end of December/beginning of January, and reading those posts (which apparently he did before we ever went on our first date) was a major part of what made him fall in love with me.

The Blogtember Challenge seems a little less daunting and way more doable!  I will probably majorly fail at actually getting all of these posted, but it has writing prompts! Amidst the hustle, bustle, and stress of last minute wedding planning, I feel drawn to this project and it’s writing prompts as a good outlet and reason to be still and calm down for a minute. It won’t be fancy. There will most certainly be typos. I probably won’t have pretty graphics (but I might, I like doing that), but I’m gonna attempt to do as many as possible!

I’m already a day late, but here goes nothing!


Introduce Yourself

Most of the people who will read this probably know me, so this will be a reintroduction, but in case you’re new, hey!


I’m Kasia – pronounced Asia with a K. I am 33. I have freckles and red hair (fake, but it should have been real). I am obsessed with fall and most things pumpkin (sometimes they take it too far… chips?! no). I am also proudly obsessed with all things Harry Potter. And as previously mentioned, I am getting married in 1 month and 11 days!


My soon to be husbands name is William Allen Twiner III and you can read our story (and see pictures!) here – The Prequel, here – The Proposal, and here – The Perpetual Blessing.

2016 has been a year FULL of change. I started a new relationship in January, started a new job in February, became a fiance in March,  bought a house with my fiance in May, in July I moved out of the rental house I lived in with my roommates and started living alone (something I haven’t done in A WHILE) in the house we bought that will be our first home, got a new car and said goodbye to one I had for almost 10 years in August AND started going to a new church, and in October I will get a new last name and forever become Mrs. Twiner. It’s been beautiful, but so refining! BEST. YEAR. EVER.

Other fun facts:

Hufflepuff for life (William is a Slytherin, fun combo).
ENFJ to a T.
Self-proclaimed meal planning expert.
Professional list maker.
I want to write a book.
I work in Higher Education and have for 6 years.
I love cooking, baking, organizing cabinets, reading, and writing.
I hate folding/hanging clothes. It’s a problem.
I’m OBSESSED with fall and even have a favorite day that revolves around fall AND I happen to be getting married on that day.
We’re going on our honeymoon to New England and I’m SO excited.
I’m scared of anything even remotely scary.
I have a favorite everything.
I don’t believe in eating foods out of season: soup is for winter/fall, watermelon is for summer.
I am a supporter of the quirky, endearing Southern rules of fashion like not wearing seersucker after Labor Day or before Easter but I’m also a supporter of you making your own rules and wearing whatever you want to.
No TV show will ever replace Gilmore Girls as my favorite.

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