Weekend Mani: Corrections

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A super quick weekend manicure post to share my favorite nail polish trick. I would not like painting my nails as often as I do and as much as I do if I wouldn’t have discovered this trick. You know all those pictures people post with flawlessly painted nails? Do your nails look like that when you finish painting them? Mine sure don’t! I bet they all use this. Maybe some people are just that skilled, but I bet the majority of them use this little trick!

A small angled eyeliner or concealer brush dipped in acetone clean up a manicure perfectly. I’ve tried a few, but this cheap Elf concealer brush is my favorite. You can find it at Target always, Walmart sometimes, and Big Lots for barely a dollar if you’re lucky! Dip the brush in acetone, wipe it off slightly, and then clean up the polish that got on your skin while you were doing your best at painting your nails! Easy, simple, needed if you paint your nails regularly. 

One thought on “Weekend Mani: Corrections

  1. Ruth Ann Moss says:

    thanks for stopping by & commenting… I loved finding your blog today! nail polish & cooking are two things I really enjoy. I don't know if you enjoy reading or not, but if you do & you haven't already read bread & wine by shauna niequest you have to check it out. it's part memoir & part cookbook. I've been cooking out of it a lot this past month & I think you would love it. 🙂 it's fun to find more jackson/clinton bloggers.


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