Fashion Friday: Etsy State Necklaces

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You know those wire state necklaces that are all the rage? The ones like these or these that are over $50 each? They are also over $30 at a minimum for Mississippi ones in local boutiques. The cheapest one I could even find on Etsy when I searched “Mississippi necklace” was $42. I’m cheap! I don’t pay $50 for anything, not pants, not a dress, and not a dainty necklace.

Well, I found this perfect looking California necklace on Etsy that was only $15! I decided to contact the seller and see if there was any way she’d be willing to make a Mississippi one. A. Expecting someone from California would not see interest in making a Mississippi necklace. B. If she was, it would probably be twice as much because it was custom. WRONG!!!

The lovely Jackie of Kraus Haus Krafts was the most pleasant person to work with ever! She messaged me back and forth on Etsy asking questions, making sure she was getting it exactly the size I wanted it. She sent me pictures along the way in comparison to a quarter, about the size I wanted, to keep me posted. She even went to the store just to get more chain so she could make it the length I requested! And all of this was before I even purchased it!

Once it was finished, she posted it as a special listing just for me! I ordered it July 4th week, and even though it was a holiday, it was here just a few short days later. It was $15! Over half the price of any that I could find anywhere else. She can make silver or gold in any state. She can make the heart the same color or another. Ladies, buy from her! We’re now Twitter and Instagram friends! I can’t recommend her enough to you. I hope she gets so many necklace orders she has to start a waiting list. Thank you so much Jackie!

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