Five Things Friday: Hair

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I haven’t posted a Five Things Friday in a while, and catching up time seemed like a good time to do so! We’re talking hair this time. For most of my college years I had short hair. It was long in high school but that was before I knew what to do with it. So short it was for a LONG time. I decided to grow it out a few years ago and now I’m attached! Literally and emotionally. I hate washing it and drying it, but I adore my long hair. On the days I feel like I want to chop it off, I head over to Pinterest and YouTube to watch and read tutorials that only work for long hair. It always reinspires me to love my locks again. These are a few I’ve tried, some of which I frequently do!

1. Braided Headband – Inspired by Oh So Pretty the Diaries

2. Triple Braided Bun – Inspired by The Beauty Department

This was before I had a phone with a good camera. Apologies for the bad quality! 

3. Braid Wrapped Bun – Inspired by The Beauty Department 

If you think that doesn’t look like my head, you’d be right! I did this one on a friend for a formal. 

4. Sock Bun – Learned from this YouTube Tutorial

Old faithful. I probably rock the sock bun a little too often. No shame. 

5. Tucked Away Braid – Inspired by The Small Things Blog 

When my bangs get too long I have to resist doing this one every single day! 

Honorable Mention: Hair Accessories   

Hair accessories should get an honorable mention here. I’m kind of obsessed. Like a lot obsessed. I collect them. I adore them. I can’t get enough of them. Decorated bobby pins, flower clips, headbands, anything that has something pretty on it that I can stick in my hair. I want them all!

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