Affectionate Honesty

As you might have noticed, it’s Monday. It’s Monday and I’m not posting a meal plan. It’s Monday and I’m not posting a meal plan after not posting a meal plan last Monday either. This isn’t a food post or a meal plan post or even a DIY post OR even a real life post. This is me, missing you! I miss blogging, I miss talking to you. I miss it all.

I’m going to be real and not make any promises that there will be any blogging until May 17th. There might be! But the end of the semester crazies make me want to confess that I can’t make that promise (not that I’ve ever been so great at blogging promises). I might post five times this weekend, but just in case I don’t, I want it to be out there! Finals start this week for students which means study break events, last moments with RAs and RDs, students moving out, a lot of oh-hey-I-guess-I-am-in-charge-of-this-building-full-of-students-who-are-leaving responsibilities. I’m tired already!

There’s a formal banquet I’m partially in charge of, a last staff meeting with the best RAs I’ve ever had that I’m in charge of, a midnight movie premieres, a staff pool party, closing down buildings, checking every single room in the building, inputting every single charge to every single student from the building, writing end of the year reports. Fun mixed with crazy mixed with the emotions of a semester closing and the bittersweet quietness that is summer. Oh the life of an RD!

This post is not wise or earth shattering honesty. This post is pure affectionate honesty. I’m honestly saying I have a lot to say! I have food pictures to post, I have Jesus moments to share, I have recipes upon recipes. I miss sharing with you! I miss the emotional outlet that sharing with you provides (totally selfish!). I miss the community and the connectedness. I miss the feeling of accomplishment. So this isn’t a full of wisdom post or a wonderful recipe post or a magical big deal life update post. This is me saying/screaming…

“HEY! I MISS YOU! ON MAY 17TH WE’RE GONNA CATCH UP! I MIGHT HAVE SOME TIME BEFORE THEN AND I MIGHT STOP BY. BUT I MIGHT NOT, AND THAT’S OKAY RIGHT? Oh, sorry, you’re right, I was screaming. I’ll stop, I was just really excited to see you. So as I was saying, I might have time and surprise you, but if I don’t until May 17th, we can still be friends right? Okay good! Can I tell you a few things before I return to the craziness? Great!”

What? You don’t have pretend conversations with your blog?

A few things: 

1. I dyed my hair red. WHAT?! I know. Every day I wish I was red headed and so I finally decided just to go for it. I like it.

2. I have a lot of recent thoughts about grief that I’ll share with you soon. But go love on your friends who have lost loved ones this year! It’s not over for them. Because it’s not over for me I finally made an appointment with a counselor. It’s tomorrow.

3. I am taking a vacation that I’m also calling Birthday-cation! I haven’t taken a vacation in two and a half years! Turns out that all the vacation hours don’t roll over. Use them or lose them you say?? I do believe I’ll pick the use them option! I figured what better time to take off (since I have to use the hours before May 31st anyway) than my 30th birthday and one of my BFF’s 30th birthday week?! I have to work on my actually birthday, but taking off from May 15th – 22nd and headed to New Orleans to bring in the 30s with a best friend (I turn 30 May 14th, she turns 30 May 18th).

4. I bought a computer for the first time in my life. I know most people have accomplished this by the time they are my age, but I’ve been blessed by computers from my dad, stepmom, grandparents, and hand me downs from friends. This one (the one I’m currently typing on) is way past on it’s last leg! I bought a Samsung Chromebook and it will arrive tomorrow!

5. I’m reading through Hosea for the first time since college and it’s breaking my heart in such great ways.

Like I said, no magical huge life updates, but I just wanted to talk and feel connected, so I did! Hopefully I’ll be back before May 17th, but if not, I will see you then dear friend(s).

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