Meal Planning 101: Week 30

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I had great intentions of posting my meal plan Monday post early, before night time even. But then my Internet decided to be fickle! After many attempts I gave up and am now posting from my phone. Since I can’t format the way I like and am super OCD, I just made a graphic with an app on my phone. Thanks for saving the day smart phone!

What on your menu this week?

Lunch Ideas: 

leftovers: stroganoff + green beans + butter beans

leftovers: rigatoni baked pasta + blueberries + toast croutons 

leftovers made over: fish taco salad + lime pinenut couscous + tomato chick pea salad

sometimes you run out of time and have to get lunch on campus, BUT can still make healthy-ish
 choices: chicken ceasar wrap + side salad + pretzels and honey mustard

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