Meal Planning 101: Week 13

I’ll keep it short and sweet! Meal plan and weekend recap because I know you love it when I force my life on you in the midst of food posts. 

Babies! I got to hang out with my best friend (and fellow bridesmaid) and her baby this weekend! Alice is the sweetest baby ever and I couldn’t take enough pictures of her. She does this adorable thing where she hides her face when she eats. Just like a little Southern lady, always trying to look proper.

Finally bought a Roo Cup! 25 cent refills here I come. Why don’t they make a Diet Coke Icee?! 

I’ve been a bridesmaid a whole lot. This rehearsal dinner was some of the best rehearsal dinner food I’ve ever had! No food pictures, but we were pretty. (My fellow bridesmaids said I looked like Belle! As in Beauty and the Beast, best compliment ever. She’s totally my favorite Disney Princess.)

I love my friends! Was so happy to be part of Molly’s big day.

AND I decided I want to become a person who has painted nails often. They were painted for the weddings, and I just loved it, like I always do. So I stocked up on some fun colors at a Payless BOGO sale. I peeled off all the weekend one while antsy yesterday at a meeting, but then painted them last night! I like this commitment.

Now the food. Still eating veggies with every meal! They are never ending but I’m totally not complaining.


Leftover Edamame Rice and Veggie Stirfry with Rotisserie Chicken (from Walmart – I cheated! Was a tiring weekend and didn’t want to cook.)


Baked Chicken and Dumplings Casserole and Stewed Squash




Slim Potato Casserole and Grilled Ham, Cheese, Chip and Pickle Sandwiches




Chili Con Queso Pasta Bake and Nanny’s Salad (My best friends’ grandmother’s salad. Iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, mayo – I use fat free, and Italian dressing all tossed together. Simple but I love it!)



For lunch and breakfast this week, I’m obsessed with jars. I got some wide mouth pint mason jars and they are perfect for the popular Overnight Oats cold oatmeal concoctions for breakfast and jar side salads for lunch.

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