Bodies are funny.

The human body is miraculously odd and curious. There are many reasons to back up this statement that I don’t care to discuss. I don’t mean in the medical terminology way, yes all of those things are cool too. But I mean little things. For instance, one thing I often think about is how cool it is that we all have taste buds, which by definition are the same. But everyone’s taste buds are different. I don’t like olives, but I bet you do Mr. Blog (yep, he needs a name). What brings me to this thought is stress. We know in our brains and thoughts we are stressed, well usually. But those thoughts and messages travel to our body.

In the near future I will go in to more detail about the past year of my life, but it’s contained a lot of stress. Which has seemed to peak in the last month. Long story short, from March to August I lived in 7 places, moved back to the town that feels like home, into a house with a roommate, for a job. The day after I moved the people told me they decided to hire someone who already knew the kids, even though they told me they were 100 percent sure I was officially hired. So I’ve been quite unsuccessfully looking for a job since. As said, more details in the near future, but that brief synopsis to say, STRESS is very prominent in my life.

So after sending probably close to 60 or 70 resumes (with no call back), I finally got a call back. And let me add that I even found a list of every social services agency in St. Tammany parish and started calling and “professionally” begging for a job in addition to applying for every job that didn’t have warehouse or truck driver in the title. So on Wednesday a new job was posted, within an hour of it being posted I sent my resume, 2 hours later they called and asked if I could interview the next day. I got a call back! They asked me to bring my degree and transcripts. I had no idea if I’d be able to find them. First box I opened, degree was on the top. Transcripts worked out too. The interview was great. And now I’m in the waiting place. I’ve done all the right things. Best interview I’ve ever had. I could tell they were impressed and liked me. I sent an equally impressive thank you card that they will receive on Monday. So side note, PRAY!

Now to the point, obviously I’m stressed. I can’t stop thinking about it. I said I wouldn’t get my hopes up but that is a silly statement for a believer. We are supposed to have hope. And I have and I’ve believed and still am. But the night after the interview, I tossed and turned all night. Kept having dreams I didn’t get the job. Kept waking up upset. Then today, Saturday I might add, the internationally known day of sleeping in late (I like to exaggerate), by 9 am I had cooked a breakfast casserole and 3 batches of cookies to bring to our ladies gathering tonight. Oh and sweet tea and homemade lemonade and loaded the dish washer twice and washed a load of clothes. WHAT?!

Bodies are funny. Treat yours to one of these yummy treats.

French Toast Casserole or More Cinnamony Bread Pudding

Note: I used 5 eggs, wheat bread, 1 cup fat free milk and 1/2 cup english toffee liquid coffee creamer, and a shake of cinnamon and nutmeg in the liquid mixture. I also had to cook it a little longer than the recipe suggested.

Pumkin Cookies I’m bring to WOW tonight!

Note: They are cakey cookies. The batter didn’t taste sweet to me so I added an extra 1/4th cup of sugar and 1/4th of brown sugar. I also put the batter in a zip lock and cut the corner, made them equal sizes and more round.

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