Lent, because why not??

I wrote this ridiculously long post of Facebook, and then remembered I goal’ed to write at least one blog post for February. A. Easy checkmark. B. Saves the people on Facebook who hate long posts from being forced upon one. C. I have a blog, why not use it!

Last week William asked me if I was giving up anything for Lent. I usually don’t, though I have before, so I hadn’t really thought about it. We did order Lent study books to do, but that was my only plan.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday our pastor issued a challenge that made no sense to say no to.

He explained that the goal of Lent is, or should be, to intentionally seek God. To subtract something that will remind you that you’re in the period of Lent.

But he challenged us to not just subtract. I sometimes think when we “just” subtract it’s nothing more than a new New Years resolution or goal (I read an article about giving up Lent that suggested that).

But he challenged us to subtract AND to add. To subtract so that we are reminded to seek the Lord and to add something that helps us seek the Lord.

He challenged us to write out every morning:

Today I will see the Lord by ______.

He challenged us to write out every evening:

Today I have found the Lord in ______.

Because God is God, He gave William and I the same idea for what to subtract. And though I’m reluctantly excited about that, I’m way more excited about a season of intentionally seeking the Lord.

As Steve said, “The more you know the Lord, the more you realize you don’t know the Lord and have so much else to know.” And “when you encounter God, you encounter His rest no matter what enemies you have encamped around you.”

As Kari Jobe’s song says, “The more I seek You, the more I find you. The more I find You, the more I love You.”

As Phil Wickham’s song says, “Better is a moment that I spend with You than a million other days away. I’m running to the secret place where You are.”

And most importantly as Scripture says, “Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.”

Whether you are for or against subtracting something or not, let’s make sure we add! Let’s make sure we spend time intentionally seeking the Lord in this season leading up to the greatest thing that has ever happened. Because why not?? May we encounter God and find rest there. May we seek Him and find Him (because He wants to be found!) and want and love Him more and more. May we run to the secret place where He is. May we draw near to Him.

She/He Reads Truth Lent studies start today if you are in need of a study, but there are tons elsewhere as well! (She – http://shereadstruth.com/plan/lent-2017-you-are-mine/ / He – http://hereadstruth.com/plan/lent-2017-you-are-mine/)

From SRT:

“This season is long – in days and weeks, and in conviction and repentance. And this season is necessary; we are forgetful people, and we need reminder of what is true. Lent is a 7-week journey of remembering our need for a Savior, a need met only in Jesus Christ.

We look to the cross, and recall that obedience, mercy, and love held Christ there. We look to the tomb, and remember that compassion, holiness, and power broke the shackles of death, walking fully alive into the light of day. We look to God’s Word, and find it filled with true promises, sealed by the impossible reality of Jesus, who became the sacrifice so we could be redeemed.

God is calling you to a life of restoration, accomplished through the work and power of Jesus Christ. Everything else plays second fiddle to this one true and glorious paradox: You are a sinner, and in Christ, you are redeemed. You are His.”

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