Meal Planning 101: Week 51

I tried so hard to get the meal plan posted on Monday for #mealplanmonday! Between working 8:00 – 4:30, having 2 posts posting on 2 other blogs, making 3 gallons of sweet tea and 3 gallons of lemonade, making dinner, hosting an on-line fundraising party for a friend’s adoption, cellular data not working, and being determined to get “self pedicure” marked off the to do list, it just didn’t happen. BUT, I feel somewhat transitioned now and ready to be blogging again. I promise to TRY and post regularly and get some recipes coming at you soon. I meal plan for every week anyway, so this post should be easy to make happen again. There is also a life update post in the works!

I scored some MAJOR managers special deals that shaped my meal plan a little. I also discovered I have a weakness… Manager special breads. Well, managers special anything really. But my freezer has quite a few bread purchases acquired from managers special deals. I have a multigrain nut loaf and a cranberry walnut loaf that will become a bread pudding concoction very soon! Some wheat rolls will be used for french dip sandwiches next week. AND a sourdough square is becoming some fancy grilled cheeses this week. I don’t know if this is a hard and fast rule, but my Kroger marks LOTS down on Sundays. If you live in Clinton, pretend I didn’t just reveal my secret to you… But if you live elsewhere, check your stores out!

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