Meal Planning 101: Week 50

Once upon a time… I had the best week ever that was also one of the weirdest weeks ever. From a Saturday to a Saturday I got to lead a girl through making the life changing decision to follow Jesus, I traveled 6 hours in one day, I had the stomach bug for 5 days, my ability to eat and follow through with the meals I planned was shot for about 7 days (due to stomach bug and the recovering from the bug stomach situation), I was offered a job I really wanted (and accepted!), I found out where I’d be living next, AND I was featured in a magazine for this blog! WHAT?! Craziest week ever. So due to that stuff, I didn’t bring you a meal plan next week. BUT, since I didn’t have a whole meal plan last week, that means this week’s meal plan is gonna have some extras! Woo!

For my first meal to cook after that dreaded stomach bug, I came up with a yummy concoction I’m calling Black Bean Enchilada Bake. It was 7 delicious filling points on Weight Watchers per serving and I will be bringing that recipe to you soon (top left picture). I also came up with a equally delicious, super low point dip/sauce/dressing/eat-it-on-everything recipe (also coming soon). We’re calling it Cilantro Jalapeno Ranch (top right picture) and it’s 1 point for 2 tablespoons or 2 for a whole 1/4 cup! It’s pretty much delicious on everything – celery, chips, baked potatoes, tacos, sandwiches, wraps, enchilada bakes, spoons, fingers. I’ve also been eating avocado on pretty much everything and using every crock pot I own (okay I only have 2, I just like being dramatic for flare) to do easy meal prep. To the meal plan!



salsa chicken stuffed baked sweet potatoes (topped with green onions, avocado, and cilantro jalapeno ranch) and roasted green beans


OWLs Dinner and Prayer Club: bring roasted sweet potatoes


Missional Community meal: making waffles (of the pumpkin and buttermilk varieties)




Friendgroup party: bringing iced sugar cookies (of course) and creamy kale dip with crudites (We start and lunch and stay until after dinner and eat our snacky goods for lunch and dinner. We don’t do short gatherings.)


baked salmon, roasted sweet potatoes, and spicy kale chips


Easter goodies somewhere: I’ll probably bring deviled eggs

Freebie Meals:

black bean enchilada bake, roasted kale and tomatoes, and avocado

grilled chicken tenders, baked sweet potatoes, and hummus


breakfast this week – greek yogurt, grape fruit cups, and kiwi

healthy snack option #1 – cilantro jalapeno ranch and celery sticks

healthy snack option #2 – sliced bell pepper and hummus

healthy dessert option – greek yogurt chocolate pudding

What are you eating this week? What’s your favorite Easter dish? Post your weekly meal plan in the comment section below! You can also link your meal plan up over at Organizing Junkie and see even more people who are meal planning. 

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