Meal Planning 101: Week 48

Stay tuned for the ever familiar speech on why I missed two weeks of posting meal plans… 1. The week after the aforementioned wedding weekend/mini vacation, I literally didn’t cook for 10 days (GASP). I had three social things that week that involved meals. I lived off leftovers, random things, gross fast food, and avoided the grocery store that week. 2. Last week was Spring Break! I did in fact cook, but I also focused majorly on investing in friendships, being on my computer less, reading, writing, being outside, spending time with Jesus, and doing other assorted things on my Spring Break goal list.

Posting a meal plan didn’t make the cut. BUT… I’m back! Back with a meal plan and some sort of blogging mojo. I have more than one post scheduled for this week. WHAT?! Spring break was good for me guys. So good. Recipes coming at you soon: Green Chili Avocado Turkey Burger Sliders & Crock Pot Buffalo Wings. And the long awaited DIY beauty post is also coming!


GREEN THINGS, you know I love a themed meal! Kale Chicken Pasta & Sauteed Artichokes & Kale


OWLs Dinner Club – bring Sauteed Kale


Missional Community Meal


Black Bean Burritos & Guacamole


Wedding Food via Friendgroup Wedding


Friend Dinner


Crock Pot Greek Chicken Pitas, Tzatziki, and Crudites


What are you eating this week? Post your weekly meal plan in the comment section below! You can also link your meal plan up over at Organizing Junkie and see even more people who are meal planning. 

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