Meal Planning 101: Week 46

IT’S STILL MONDAY! Barely, but hey, it counts way more than Thursday. Meal Plan Monday actually posted on a Monday! Maybe I’m actually getting back into the rhythm of this whole blogging thing again. I made a new meal plan template that I like way better than the last! I liked it so much I’m sharing the blank one for you to hijack if you’d like!

All meal planning is awesome, but this week was beyond awesome. Kroger had stellar coupons, amazing sales, and crazy manager special mark downs. This resulted in me stocking up on things like 49 cent organic french fries, 59 cent organic broccoli, and $1.99 packages of ground turkey! WHAT?! I spent $80-ish on 2 weeks (plus some stocking up) worth of groceries. And I saved around $30 with coupons and sales, not including manager special!

And now, the plan! Isn’t it so much better than that other template I made?? It’s so pretty. I’m kind of obsessed.

What are you eating this week? What meal are you most excited about cooking? I’m most excited about this cheeseburger sliders recipe I saw that gave me an idea for turkey burger sliders! Also pretty excited about cooking chicken wings for the first time.

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