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Tonight, I confess that I’m exhausted. I didn’t have a moment to sit down at my computer all day. I’ve been staying up too late posting these posts (and last night baking), and I need to go to sleep right now so I’ll get up and spend time with Jesus (and wash my hair!). Jesus makes me love writing and I need some quality time with him! Since today is a making the kitchen manageable day, I’ll throw in a kitchen tip…

Sometimes, it’s okay to need a break. Sometimes it’s okay to make hamburger helper. Sometimes it’s okay to order a pizza. Sometimes it’s okay to eat cereal for dinner. HEAR ME SUPER WOMEN EVERYWHERE… IT’S OKAY TO NEED A BREAK. And so, I’m going to bed, and taking a break. I’m even leaving those dirty dishes in the sink.

For the month of October, I’m participating in The Nester’s #31Days blog writing challenge. My topic is Food for Thought. I’ll be writing about two main things. 1. Understanding and believing God’s love. 2. Making life in the kitchen more manageable. You can read all my #31Days posts here

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