Meal Planning 101: Week 41

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Am I gonna use a regularly scheduled meal plan post to count as a #31days Food for Thought post? Why yes I am! If they fall on a day that happens to be one of the making the kitchen manageable days, why not?! It counts.

Am I going to keep it short and sweet because today was another busy day (first Sunday Gathering for Arise Church – the new church plant I’m part of + crock pot prep + sewing project with friends for orphans = NO MORE TIME!), yes, yes I am! 


Crock Pot Pumpkin Chili  (with tortilla chips and toppings)


OWLs Dinner? (if we have it bringing Pumpkin Spice Latte Baked Donuts (sort of this recipe, gonna change it up a bit), if not, leftovers!)


Hosting Missional Community! Serving a baked potato bar (baked potatoes, cheese, green onions, pumpkin chili, bacon, broccoli, butter, sour cream ranch, etc) and a s’mores bar. 


Leftovers (baked potato smorgasbord) 





So… maybe I went a little crock pot crazy with this meal plan, but it actually feels like fall!

For the month of October, I’m participating in The Nester’s #31Days blog writing challenge. My topic is Food for Thought. I’ll be writing about two main things. 1. Understanding and believing God’s love. 2. Making life in the kitchen more manageable. You can read all my #31Days posts here

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