Meal Planning 101: Week WHAT?! (31)

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Back by popular demand… MEAL PLAN MONDAY! I know it’s barely Monday still, but I’m just getting back in the routine. Thanks for your patience! There actually wasn’t a “demand” per se, but I decided to check out my blog stats this weekend. Apparently my most viewed post are all meal plan posts! Who knew?! Meal planning comes natural to me, so I never realize it’s valuable and helpful to other people. I enjoy it! I do it whether I post it or not, so if it’s what the people want, I’m going to give it to them! And whether I post or not, I still collect a ridiculous amount of meal planning resources and notepads… I have a problem.

At least they were all only $1! They motivate and inspire my meal planning even more. Since I took the accidental extended break from blogging, I need things that motivate me. So I’m adding them left and right! And taking pictures too, of course, which also motivates me.

A new space. I just can’t blog at home as well. I get distracted. Mostly by Dawson’s Creek and the love life of Pacey and Joey. Darn you Netflix for putting the show I’ve always wanted to watch from beginning to end on streaming for the summer! Total distraction. As you might know, I usually go to Starbucks every morning to spend time with Jesus. I’m much more productive with the “busy place” feeling. If I have go in the mornings, I don’t enjoy spending money at a coffee shop twice in one day! But I feel obligated to buy things if I’m using a coffee shop for their space. FINALLY a solution! I went to my public library this afternoon for the first time (yes, the first time in living here for over two years). I found the perfect spot! A little table with a lamp, a semi-comfy chair, and even bird decorations! I edited blog pictures all afternoon. Success! 

Remember the cute little red grill I used to have and the grilled recipe posts I used to make? The bottom fell out of my grill early last summer and I never replaced it. I wanted another red one! I never found one, so I finally gave in. Motivation #3… Grilling! Wanting to grill equals wanting to cook more equals taking pictures of food equals wanting to blog them. Done!

Motivation #4… FRESH! I got to visit my Papaw’s garden this weekend and he let me take as much as I could carry. Ignore the spots on that one tomato, I cut that half off and it was YUM! Nothing makes me want to make new recipes and creations like fresh from the garden produce. Sharing with you also motivates me. Hence all the pictures in this post and my unnecessary sharing of my motivations. NOW to the meal plan. 


Garden Goodies – sliced and salted fresh cucumber, homemade salsa and chips, leftover friend green tomatoes and friend squash


Enchilada Skillet, Cucumber Tomato Salad and Homemade Salsa and Chips


Potluck (with Missional Community – bringing pies!)




Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese (grilled jalapenos + sour dough bread + cream cheese + bacon +monterrey jack cheese) , Avocado Tomato Salad and Salsa and Chips


Tortellini Pasta with Vodka Sauce, Fancy Salad and Garlic Bread




  • Homemade Salsa for snacking
  • Two Skillet Apple Pies for Missional Community
  • Two Strawberry Icebox Pies for Missional Community

Lunch Ideas: 

tuna egg salad sandwich + goldfish + orange slices + Mississippi cookie

edamame with soy sauce + two boiled eggs

managers special treat! cheese slice + almonds + carrots + apples slices with already purchased nutella & hummus
Speaking of lunch, can I tell you what item has consumed my breakfast world?? Chobani Flips. I’m OBSESSED! If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook you know this. 
Just for funsies, more picture sharing! 

I love going to Sam’s to buy cheaper, yummy produce for healthy eating. However, almost every time I do my monthly or bi-monthly shopping there I end up indulging in a quite unhealthy Sam’s lunch/dinner. Can you say no to a Sam’s hotdog and/or icee? I find it extremely hard! 

Along with my other nifty notepads, I also got these $1 food labels! How cute are they! Ignore the chocolate butter cream mess that got on this one from the cupcakes I made yesterday for the Father’s Day memorial meal.

German Chocolate Cupcakes! My dad’s favorite dessert was German Chocolate Cake. I never made it from scratch before yesterday, just box mix and pre-made icing. I wish I could have made this delightful, way easier than I thought, homemade dessert for him before he wasn’t with us anymore, but I’m glad I got to make it in memory of him!

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