DIY Key Caps

Sometimes things can be easy. Sometimes they can take 5 minutes and solve problems and be so easy. Sometimes we complicate things. Sometimes we add too many ingredients to a recipe. Sometimes we don’t wash our clothes for far too long so that the folding is so overwhelming we avoid it until clothes piles become clothes mountains when we could have made life easier by washing more often and folding little piles. Sometimes easy things are just nice. 
Do you have a bunch of keys that all look the same and always have fumbly moments trying to open doors? Maybe you don’t have as many keys as I do, the Key-Keeper of Latimer-Webb, but I bet you have a couple at least! Stores sale these overpriced key caps to distinguish your keys. Well you know what else works? FREE! Tell me you don’t have a couple bottles of nail polish tucked away somewhere? Or 32, no judgement. 
Pinterest taught us (my RAs and I) this trick. So clever! Clip your key bottoms with clothes pens to hold and for easy drying. Paint your key tops with different colors of nail polish. Add a glitter coat if you want for extra sparkle. Let them dry for an hour or so and they you have cute keys! Everything deserves a chance to be cute right? Even keys. Even better news… Removal and clean up is even easier! Nail polish remover and it’s totally gone, in case you have keys that don’t belong to you forever. Dipping them in one of the nail polish remover dippers works like a charm. 
Originally I didn’t intend to do DIY posts for my blog, Kasia’s Kitchen. However, it just so happens that I love DIYing and most of my DIY projects happen in the kitchen. That stone marble behind the keys? That’s my new counter tops in my newly remodeled kitchen. 

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