Real Life – Take 327

Can I be real? Like super honest, spill all, embarrassingly real? I keep saying I’m going to post and then I avoid it because I’m ashamed to admit that there hasn’t be a meal plan in two weeks! And there isn’t one this week yet either. My meal plan looks like this…


Eat a cheapo brand lean microwaveable frozen meal that cost 88 cents at 9:30 pm because I forgot to eat while making 150 cake truffles until 3:00 am.


Snack on leftover Chick-Fil-A nuggets (from a free meal coupon) and lots and lots of cookies from KT (former tribe aka a sorority if you aren’t from MC world).


Eat at Chick-Fil-A (from a free meal coupon) again because I forgot to do something with that frozen chicken and was on call and handled an hour and a half long incident.


Eat more food not cooked by me at a campus restaurant on an RA one on one biweekly date.


Do something with that frozen chicken.


PAY DAY! BUY FOOD! PLAN MEALS! Or really… eat out because I won’t actually be able to buy groceries until Saturday.


Groceries! Cook something with newly acquired groceries.

Why the lack of creativity, motivation and mass amounts of Chick-Fil-A you ask? Well a few things.

A. I’m totally out of money. I accidentally got carried away buying cookie cutters and forgot I needed that money for gas to go out of town this past weekend and to buy massive amounts of supplies to make 150 cake balls (and other aforementioned baked goods) then had to dip into grocery money to purchase outrageously expensive gas to travel. I also got a little carried away buying things for my way over the top picnic to celebrate fall-like weather.

B. My life feels totally disorderly! I moved into my apartment at the end of July and life has been so hectic that I’m still not totally settled! Never fear, all the kitchen stuff was settled right away, but my room, hang up clothes, shoes, wall hangings, desk, and closet things are a disorderly mess. I know it’s just one thing, but this one thing makes me feel like nothing in my life is in control or balanced! Remember you agreed to read my embarrassingly real post, this is real! I’m a little OC (as in OCD without the D). When something is off balance, I feel a little crazy and overwhelmed and under-motivated.

C. I forget that I’m a grown up, you know I’m 29, almost 30. And sometimes I do crazy things like stay up all night with 19-21 year olds to win free Chick-Fil-A coupons for a year. Thus the massive amounts of Chick-Fil-A splurges and a really BAD (read unhealthy) back up plan when I don’t have meals planned!

Here’s the good news. Besides the fact that I have a wonderful job and the best RAs who love me and each other. I mean look… Even when we’re being silly and holding flowers for a pointless picture, our hands form an unknowing heart! But, God has blessed me with a really good friend that I can be way more real than I even am in this silly dramatic post. She understands me, life, our common life stage, and God pretty well. She reminds me that it’s okay that I’m a little crazy and don’t have it all together. She gets that my brain works in an overwhelmed all or nothing way and helps me see the big picture instead of all the little details that freak me out. She helps me plan baby steps that I need to make to get orderly in one thing so I can feel good about the rest and remember that I’m a lot better at life than I let Satan coax me into believe I am. So we made baby step plans! Saturday we FINISH settling my apartment so I can feel in order and be balanced! I know it sounds crazy, but this one thing will remotivate me to eat healthy, meal plan, exercise and spend time doing things that make me healthier, like spending time with Jesus and making time for myself. It’s officially on Google Calendar! That’s pretty solid.

Now that we got that out of the way, I feel better about posting other things that aren’t meal plans until next Sunday (or Monday morning) when a meal plan WILL appear!

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