Meal Planning 101: Week 11

Remember that time I had a REALLY bad week? I mean just bad on top of bad on top of bad. An awful cold in June, of all months. Summer colds just feel worse than winter colds, it just feels wrong! Then there was family trauma/drama that resulted in lots and lots of tears, like days of tears, and then days of Netflix to recover from tears and new favorite shows happened (Jane by Design, Drop Dead Diva, and Firefly). Then I lost my voice and had a severe case of #firstworldproblems when I had no food, didn’t feel like grocery shopping, and the people in the gross fast food restaurant drive through lines couldn’t hear me. THEN… monthly girl curse. No exaggerations. All of this happened from a Wednesday to a Saturday, not even a whole week! And then on Tuesday I fell out of my desk chair.


So maybe just maybe you can forgive me for not following through on those promised recipe posts? What if I share a coffee trick with you that I tried this week and love? Coffee is always a good bribe right?


I made coffee ice cubes! You know me, I don’t drink hot coffee in the hot months. BUT this is actually perfect if you do drink hot coffee. Always have leftover coffee in the bottom of the pot? Freeze it in ice cube trays! I brewed a whole 10 cup pot just to make a big batch of these to have on hand. They are great as ice cubes in iced coffee if you’re a super coffee fan and hate when the ice dilutes your iced coffee. What I’ve been doing that I saw on Pinterest (of course), is pouring milk and a little creamer over the coffee ice cubes. They suggested vanilla almond milk… I tried that. Yuck! Just give me my regular organic skim milk please! And some creamer. Don’t forget that part. Unless you want to. Then do. I also added a Splenda packet. I’m a slow drinker, so it’s perfect for me. The coffee cubes start to melt into the milk flavoring it with that wonderful coffee taste. Note – although I love my Tervis tumblers, I highly recommend not using a Tervis for this trick. Why? Because they really do keep your drink cold! The ice will met A LOT slower.



This weeks meals are inspired by my Farmer’s Market finds! I went with a twenty dollar bill and a mission to spend it all. I came back with three fresh garden tomatoes, two heirloom tomatoes, a cantaloupe, local honey, lemon thyme, basil, mint, rosemary and dill. I even had some spare dollars for a snack from the Market! The honey stand also sold honey lemonade and made while you watch sweet and salty kettle corn! All of that with one dollar left. I’m sold! Main Street Clinton’s Fresh at Five Market will be getting my money every Tuesday!


Potluck Birthday Dinner with friends (I’m brough Garlic Cheddar Biscuits)


Breakfast – Sausage and Cheese Muffins (skinnied with added onions and lemon thyme), Egg in a Basket, Rosemary Breakfast Potatoes and Mint Honey Fruit Salad




Edamame Fried Rice and Veggie Stir Fry




Basil Ginger Pepper Jelly Pasta and Cucumber Tomato Basil Salad




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