Meal Prep Monday

This week had another one of my favorite parts, Monday off! Although, it kind of doesn’t count. Being Easter weekend, everyone here had Monday off. This means I should also get Friday off, don’t you think? 
Well wait… If I have Friday off, I’ll sleep in, and then I will jump right to lunch and skip breakfast. And then… I’ll have to miss out on eating one of these amazing Breakfast Burritos. Okay, I’ll work on Friday. 
This week for Meal Prep Monday Off I made some lovely make ahead Breakfast Burritos. I also cut up a lot of veggies, prepped tomorrow’s crock pot meal, AND made Nutella Fudge Pops. Don’t worry, the recipe is coming tomorrow(ish). 
You should definitely make these burritos. They are only 5 points each on Weight Watchers, so good, so easy, and very filling. (And yes, your calculations are correct. There hasn’t been a morning since I made them, which does mean I had one for a meal snack.)
Breakfast Burritos
My recipe was inspired by Recipe Diaries (another healthy version using turkey sausage, 7-9 points) who was inspired by Pioneer Woman (a not so healthy version that looks amazing if you aren’t counting points).

Makes 8 servings. 5 Points Plus per serving.


  • 1 1/2 cups Egg Beaters
  • 3 tbsp of liquid egg whites (or 2 egg whites)
  • 1/4 cup skim milk
  • 20 slices of thinly sliced deli ham (I use Land O’ Frost brand), chopped
  • 4 slices Oscar Mayer Fully Cooked Bacon, chopped
  • 1/2 cup chopped onion
  • 1 tbsp Brummel & Brown butter
  • 1/4 cup shredded reduced fat cheese (I used fiesta blend)
  • 1 green onion, chopped (optional)
  • 8 Mission Low Carb Tortillas
  • 2 tbsp dried chives
  • Tony Chachere’s Seasoning (or any all purpose seasoning salt)
  • salt & pepper
In a large bowl combine Egg Beaters, egg whites, and milk. Whisk until combined. Add cheese and chives. Salt and pepper to taste. Stir until combined. In a large skillet heat butter over medium heat. Saute onions in butter until they begin to turn translucent. Add chopped ham and bacon. Season to taste with seasoning salt.

When the edged of the ham start to brown, turn the stove down to medium low heat and slowly add in the egg mixture. Cook, stirring frequently, until eggs are cooked and no liquid remains. In the very last few minutes add in the chopped green onion, stirring to combine. Remove from heat and let the egg mixture cool slightly, and then you can begin rolling.

If you’ve rolled burritos before, you know how to do it and can skip this part. If not, I’ll give a few tips. I lay out a piece of wax paper next to the stove so my work surface and burrito stuffing are close. I used a 1/2 cup measuring scoop and added a heaping 1/2 cup of the mixture to each tortilla. 
Add the mixture towards the bottom of the tortilla because it will move a bit when you roll. Fold in the left and right sides. Grab the bottom end of the tortilla and start rolling. Fold it over the mixture and then over again, tucking in the mixture completely. Continue rolling until all of the tortilla is rolled. 
These are easy to freeze and have available any time. I intend to eat one for breakfast every day this week, so I didn’t freeze mine. If you want to freeze them wrap them in tin foil and lay them on a baking sheet in the freezer. After several hours, they can be transferred from the sheet to a ziplock bag (or to roam free in your freezer if you aren’t as OCD about organization as I am). To heat from frozen state, remove from tinfoil and microwave for 2 minutes. 
If you aren’t going to freeze them, plastic wrap will do the trick. I used the tortilla bag to store my plastic wrapped yummy burritos in. To reheat microwave for 45 seconds – 1 minute. Serve with fruit for a 5 point filling breakfast. 
What’s your favorite breakfast food? 

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