Meal Planning 101: Week 2

It’s that time again! As promised, every Sunday I will post my weekly meal plan. AND technically it’s still Sunday. It’s a mostly simple promise to make and follow through because I do it anyway. Every week (or two weeks to be exact) I sit down and plan out my meals, shop for the needed ingredients, write them out on my cute little listy things, and do my happy meal prep. (For meal planning basics, tips, and tricks see the first Meal Planning 101 Post.)

Yes. I am an UBER dork and have a meal planning list for
dinners AND lunches.  It helps me make healthy choices! I also
write down breakfast options on the kitchen dry erase board.

Key West Grilled Chicken Kebabs, Grilled Mushroom Skewers, Grilled Peppers and Red Potatoes

Leftover Grilled Smorgasbord

Key West Chicken Salad (Round 2 Recipe*) and Grilled Corn

Turkey BLTA* Panini and Chopped Spring Salad*

Grilled Lemon Peppered Tilapia, Grilled Squash, and Tomato Quinoa Salad (a variation of this IF I can find quinoa)


Easter Dinner with the family! We do it entire family style at my Aunt’s. I’ll likely bring coconut macaroons, coconut cupcakes, skinny deviled eggs, and skinny red potato salad.

*Round 2 Recipe – The term came from Sandra Lee. She always makes meals and then does a 2nd meal with the leftovers. I try to do this when it’s an option because it’s saves money and time.
*BLTA – Bacon Lettuce Tomato + Avocado.
*Chopped Spring Salad – Salad greens and normal salad ingredients like cucumbers and tomatoes + chopped apples, pears, cranberries and other fruity springy things.

What are you making this week? What are your family’s Easter Dinner traditions? 

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