Sneak Peak

This weekend was my monthly pay day! Getting paid once a month… well it stinks! But it does help me budget. As I’ve mentioned, I plan out my meals for the month before pay day. I make my categorized, detailed grocery list with every ingredient I will need for every meal and staples for the month. On the Saturday after pay day, I MAKE groceries. Yes… make. The one oddly used Louisianian word that makes sense to me now. Grocery shopping for an entire month when you are OCD like I am is a job! Shopping makes it sound casual and fun. Making makes it sound like the work out it is!

My co-workers tell me all the time I’m gonna make some guy really happy. They say if a guy could see my typed printed out categorized grocery list chart (and typed fax cover sheets) that he’d be in love. I’m not so sure a guy would find that attractive. I’m thinking he might look at me like I’m crazy. I’m glad Tyler Duff likes it. We’re doing well and very happy together. Though, he might be mad because I didn’t plan any meals for him this month. It’s okay Tyler Duff, autumn and winter are coming and those are your months!

So my making groceries day consists of a visit to Sam’s first, then Wal-mart, then Rouse’s. This month I added an additional stop, the Camellia City Farmer’s Market! It was raining like crazy! But I was determined to go! All of the vendors weren’t there because of the horrible weather, but I scored some red potatoes, tomatoes, peaches, and okra! I go to Sam’s and catch the sales. Not everything at Sam’s is in bulk! The monthly membership is so worth it if you don’t have one. Produce is often cheaper there. I always get my chopped romaine there. 3lbs for 2 dollars! One little bag of lettuce is almost 4 dollars at Wal-mart. I get my organic milk there. I use organic because the shelf life is triple that of regular milk and it tastes just as good. Down fall is, it only come in 1/2 gallon and is 5 dollars a cartoon. I need three a month. Three at Sam’s is less than 10 dollars, so I save! I get chicken there too if I am making a lot of meals with chicken that month. I just bring it home and divide them in ziplock bags for each meal.

Then based on what I found for cheaper on my list there, I head to Wal-mart and get most everything else. I get nothing that isn’t on the list. This is why you save so much money when you plan! I don’t buy anything that isn’t a staple or a item for a meal I’m cooking. Each month I usually add to my list something extra to have something on hand in case a pot luck or party comes up that I’m asked to bring something to. Mainly for things like that I resort to baking though, I always have everything I need to be able to bake at least something. Keep all purpose and self rising flour, sugar, powdered sugar, brown sugar, cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda, and some kind of chips on hand at all times. I never buy sweet snacks either. My deal with myself is if I crave sweet, I have to bake it. It detours mindless sweet snacking, because you aren’t going to eat it unless you want to put forth the effort to make it. And then I bring it to work! So I get a small portion to satisfy my craving, and give the rest away.

As I am stacking the groceries in the buggy (or cart depending on where you are from), I am OCD about keeping like items together! I don’t think I could let someone else help me grocery shop. I’d move everything they put in the buggy. Then when I check out, it’s a whole other OCD workout. I strategically place the items on the check out grouped together how they should be bagged. And this time I brought my reusable bags, so I seriously am Crazy-OCD-Girl. There are a few things I get at Rouse’s: cous cous, on sale meats, fresh herbs, and deli meat. So my groceries are officially “made” until September 15th and meals planned. I thought I’d give you a little sneak peak of what recipes you’ll be getting this month. If you want to be invited over for a meal (and I like you), just ask!

1. Stuffed Ground Turkey and Rice Bell peppers with Tomato & Cucumber Salad
2. Rice Omelet and Fresh Fruit Salad
3. Pan Grilled Panini and Greek Salad
4. Chicken Gumbo with Rice and Biscuits
5. Twice Bake Potatoes and Salad
6. Chili Cheese Tomato Dogs and Baked Onion Rings
7. Spaghetti with Salad and Garlic Bread
8. Quesadillas with Black Bean and Corn Salad
9. Stuffed Turkeyburgers with Potato Salad
10.Turkey Breast with Roasted Chick Peas and Baked Sweet Potatoes
11. Kabobs with Roasted Pine Nut and Feta Cous Cous
12. Mexican Shepherd’s Pie
13. Lemon Poppyseed Chicken with Rice Cooker Apple Risotto
14. Hashbrown Casserole with Baked Apples
15. Sloppy Joes and Sweet Potato Fries

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